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Accelerate your Homeschool Success by:

  • Overcoming the Obstacles that Block your Child’s Understanding
  • Unlocking the Secrets to How your Child Learns
  • Mastering the Brain-Based Way to Help your Child Excel
  • Engaging Miracle Math Coaching to Lift the Burden of Trying to Know it All

Are You A Struggling Homeschool Parent?

Homeschooling is no joke, and we want to empower parents to have the knowledge, focus and motivation to guarantee their children’s lifelong success.  

Miracle Math Coaching teaches you the best way to help your child learn. We give you the confidence of knowing that your child is headed in the right direction.

It starts with understanding how your child’s brain was created to learn.   We’ll teach you how that personalized information is key to putting your child on the right track.  Students of all ages deserve to discover their unique Learning Genesis Code ™.

Gain the Confidence and Knowledge to Put your Homeschooled Child on the Right Track

Miracle Math is the only proprietary, brain-based, math-focused, one-on-one learning center of its kind. Brain-based means we use cognitive science to understand how each student learns best. Parents say that having highly-trained, enthusiastic professionals as coaches sets us apart. Miracle Math coaches have the heart and skills to inspire both you and your child to succeed in your homeschool experience.

Yes, we stress measured improvement in grades and test scores. But our larger goal is to achieve more in the development of your child and his or her ability to learn.

We begin by training students’ brains to absorb knowledge. We continue building confidence in your student by helping them succeed in their learning experiences.

We know as parents that it’s not easy watching your kids struggle in school.

With Miracle Math, it’s Problem. Solved.  


  1. Customized Learning Plans that fit how each child’s brain is created to learn.
  2. One-on-one academic coaching services and support.
  3. Homeschool Success Parent workshops.
  4. Exclusive instruction that shows students how to hack their own brain code.

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I am so happy I used Miracle Math Coaching to help my children get through their math struggles. I saw my kids grow confident because of the tutoring, and they were soon able to help their classmates. Over time, their grades improved to A’s.

Since I had more than one child in the program, I learned the different ways each of my children received and applied the information. We are all different and sometimes we need to hear or see something a different way to really understand the concepts. Don’t wait and watch your child struggle—use Miracle Math. They’re here to help.

Yolanda Daniels

I sought help from Miracle Math Coaching because I had homeschooled Elijah for three years, and I saw firsthand his struggles with math. I knew I was not the best fit to help him with Algebra, especially when he entered high school. I wanted to build a scholastic “village” around him, so professional tutoring was our next step.

Elijah really struggled to work independently. He had a lot of gaps in his math basics, which is why larger concepts were especially hard.

In only three months, he had improved by one letter grade with more improvement on the horizon.

Elijah feels more confident, and I’d say this is the biggest improvement – his attitude toward his work. Tutoring has eased the stress, frustration, and frankly, the helplessness he and I both felt at times reviewing his homework. Now, when he hits a rough spot we know that help is on the way.

For a student like Elijah, consistency is important, and he is receiving that at Miracle Math Coaching.

Lisa Williams, Elijah Williams.

We Empower Visions in Education Families to Succeed

Learn How Understanding your Child’s Brain can Guarantee Academic Achievement

Customized Learning Plans

Miracle Math Coaching delivers a plan exclusively tailored to how your child’s brain learns. We gain that information through our Learning Discovery Process, a unique way to explore your child’s brain and gauge how best to elevate learning. The process measures cognitive ability, accounts for academic history and determines realistic, achievable goals, among other attributes. The resulting plan is specific to how your child acquires knowledge.

One-on-One Academic Coaching Services

Miracle Math’s entire system is aligned with how each child’s brain learns and what it needs to thrive. Your child deserves the sole attention of one coach attuned to exactly how she or he learns. That’s crucial to how we operate. No child’s brain is like any other’s, and so no Miracle Math student learns in a group. We only offer one-on-one sessions so a coach can laser focus on your child’s individual needs.

Instruction on How Students Can Hack their Own Brain Code

A student struggling with learning is like someone trying to get into a locked iPhone without the password.

It’s frustrating.

But Miracle Math uses proprietary software called Learning Genesis Code that allows you and your child to unlock the learning.

Through our proven methods, your child will be able to access their own learning success indefinitely.

Homeschool Success Parent Workshops

Though rewarding, homeschooling requires a lot of you. You’ve taken on a private role without the support and guidance given to public school teachers. Miracle Math helps lift your burden and renew your confidence. Hundreds of parents have praised our workshops, which cover:

1. Developing a homeschool teaching plan mapped to your child’s individual strengths and challenges.
2. Choosing the most effective, user-friendly curriculum suited for how your child learns.
3. Creating a vision of success, today and in the future.
4. Preventing the inevitable burnout of assuming such a valuable and important role in your child’s life.

With Miracle Math, it’s Problem. Solved.
And you don’t ever have to do it alone.
Watch this video for things You Can Do Right Now to get Math to ‘Click’ for your Child.

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