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My name is Deanna Hurn, and I’m founder and executive director of Miracle Math Coaching. I’m also a certified advanced academic coach with two math degrees and many hours of neuropsychology training. And guess what?

Learning was a struggle for me.

Even though I loved math, I sometimes found myself behind in class, confused about the subject and disappointed that I’d bombed yet another test. I had to work twice as hard as my sister, Nieisha, who studied half as much and was on the honor roll.


But when I failed high school Geometry, I never questioned that I could learn it. I asked myself, “How do I learn?” It was obviously different than how my classmates, who earned A’s, learned.

I was obsessed with “hacking” my own brain (the fancy word for that process is “metacognition”).

Like anyone who struggles (or whose son or daughter struggles), I looked for help. Through external support and figuring out how my brain worked, I was able to better understand the material. I earned an A in Mr. Newton’s Geometry class at Valley High School.

I was changed forever because I had cracked the code to how I learned. I didn’t know it was a brain-based; I just knew that it worked.

After realizing the power of this new way of learning, I spent the rest of my high school years and my college career helping other students. I was a teaching assistant for Algebra II and for Mr. Newton’s Geometry class in high school, and I tutored students in college in the library and held study groups for the Math Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) Program.

After graduation, I enjoyed and excelled at my work as an Actuary in the corporate world. But I lost the joy that I’d found when I was helping students connect their academics to how their individual brains were wired to learn.

Tutoring was magic for me because it combined my three passions: math, brain-based learning and inspiring others. I’m successful today because I’m doing what I’m passionate about and excel at. But more important, I believe I’m contributing to a greater good.

Simply put, I was born to create Miracle Math.

It was my destiny to develop a program that uses brain-based science in one-to-one coaching to help students break the code to their unique ways of processing information.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this revolutionary way of learning. As someone who knows what it is to struggle, I am thrilled with all of my heart to show students and parents that there’s a better way to succeed in your learning.

Leading a program that is brain-based is exciting but not enough, true passion and purpose flows from the heart and that is how I endeavor to lead everyday.

If you sign up for our FREE Learning Discovery Process, we can determine the unique way you or your student learns most effectively. And, yes, it is absolutely FREE. Follow your heart and call us or visit or location at 717 Texas St, Fairfield, CA 94533. We’re eagerly waiting to hear from you.


Warm Regards,


~ Deanna

Brain-Based. Heart-Led.


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