The Discovery


It Starts with YOU

Are you Curious About
How your Brain Works?

Your Brain is unlike any other.
Let us help you de-code How it works!

No two people in the world learn exactly the same way. So, we’ve created a proprietary process to help you Discover how you learn. You will treasure this discovery for the rest of your life.
You will be able to acquire more knowledge in less time and with greater understanding. And it starts with you taking the opportunity to DISCOVER HOW YOU LEARN, through our process.

Why struggle when you can revolutionize how you learn through our Discovery process?

Assess Your Learning Needs


Step One, we evaluate what a student needs. To do this, students take an assessment so we can gauge their understanding of math (or English language arts) for their grade level. This assessment takes about an hour.
Explore Your Learning Options


Step Two, Deanna meets with the student and parent (s)/guardian(s) to review the assessment results and learn more about who the student is, as a person. She asks key questions that will allow her to put the pieces together alongside the data collected to build each student’s unique Plan of Action. This includes making recommendations for the number of times to come in each week, the length of time for your sessions, and which coaches will be on your success team.
Discover Miracle Math Coaching


Step Three, It’s time to take the next right action and get started. Once you choose one of the affordable plans offered to you, and we get your commitment and availability, our Student Services team creates your schedule to get you started on your discovery program! This is where the magic happens and the real discoveries begins!
“We are in the process of trying Miracle Math for our daughter. We just had an evaluation done on her and [it] seems the feedback we got was spot on. We hope that this will help our daughter learn math her own way.”
Isabella G.

Take the Next Right Action

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