Choose Online Learning Labs From Miracle Math Coaching Center

You don’t have to be a work-from-home wizard, gourmet chef, clutter cleaner, and teacher too. We know you’re stressed out, doing your best to make it work while trying to teach your child. Here at Miracle Math, we’re coaches and educators, but we’re also parents and community members and we understand the concern surrounding this shutdown. We get it. And we’re here for you.

Let Our Online Coaches Help You With:

  • Creating a schedule
  • Keeping your child engaged
  • Building you a support network
  • Get their questions answered

We Don’t Want Your Child To Fall Behind!

To help our community, Miracle Math is working on a new program to bring our specialized training right to you. We’re offering Online Coaching to new and current students for those that need to stay home, but don’t want to get behind in classes or get too into “vacation mode.”

School At Home For K-12 And College Students

Learn more about the plans available with Miracle Math School at Home.

Small group classes let you keep siblings learning together or a few select neighbors safely engaged with their homework and studies.

  • Common Core Math & ELA activities to ensure students retain and build upon what they know.
  • Provide students with daily school- at- home schedules to follow.
  • Interactive online face-to-face lessons with a qualified online instructors.
  • Provide additional support for the materials being provided by teachers through email and/or Google Classroom.
  • Weekly Q&A for parents to get all their questions answered by our Director of Education to ensure they feel confident and equipped to help their child at home.
  • Weekly social opportunities to meet up with other students and do brain exercises that feel like games!

Current Member Rates

  • 3 Day Pass $81/week 
  • 5 Day Pass $135/week
  • One day is $36/day
  • Non-Members: $36/day (Parents, choose which days work best for your child. We’ll work with you!)
  • 3 Day (weekly pass) – $90 weekly (savings of 20% a day) 
  • 5 Day (weekly pass) – $135 weekly (savings of 25% a day)

Brain-Centered Online Learning Classes Offered: 

(Limited to 8 students per class.)

  • 1st-2nd
  • 3rd-4th
  • 5th-6th
  • 7th-8th
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus 
  • Statistics. 

Time Class/Group
9:00-11:00a 1-2nd, 3-4th
12:00p-2:00p 5-6th, 7-8th
3:00-5:00p Algebra
5:15-7:15p Geometry

1:1 Online Plans: School-at-Home

Sometimes your student will need individualized attention as they struggle with the multitude of changes in their lives right now. We’re here to support them and give you a much-needed breather.

All plans include a full diagnostic assessment, a success strategy, and weekly accountability check-ins. We’ll make sure your student is completing work, understanding concepts, and making improvements.

  • 5 sessions = $175
  • 10 session = $ 315 (savings of 10%!)

Times are stressful and unprecedented, but we’re staying flexible in order to support our community and ensure your family stays strong. Sign your student up now for School At Home with Miracle Math Learning Center!

Sign your student up now for School At Home with Miracle Math Learning Center!