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Miracle Math carefully takes the time to understand what each student needs to reach his or her goal.  We will also give parents realistic expectations that we know we can deliver.

If mothers, fathers and guardians are willing to make the investment and believe in Miracle Math, we will work hard to get them the results.

Video Testimonials


DeniceDanielReview I have my two sons at Miracle Math Coaching for about 3 years now. Afther the first year of coming to Miracle Math, my oldest son went form D’s and F’s to being on the honor roll for the last two years. The coaches take a personal interest in each student. I love it. Thank you Miracle Math Coaching.

Janell West Review I came to Miracle Math and improved my reading and writing skills as well as my math skills. When I started there I had a C in my math class and raised it to an A! I have never had an A in math before, and thanks to the wonderful staff at miracle math, they helped me get there!

Latanya Terrones ReviewMy daughter has been with MMC for almost a year now. When she first started she was struggling with reading and comprehension, and homework was frustrating every single night. My daughter also struggled with math but I knew her struggle stemmed from her comprehension issue. I contaced MMC and immediately made an appointment with Deanna, the owner. She was so warm and bubbly. It was easy to see that she was passionate about what she does. Her passion made it easy for me to sign up. Since being with MMC, my daughter is now on honor roll and has gained so much confidence in her reading and in her ability to pass test. They madand a study olan specifically for her to help identify her needs, and continued to work those skills, creating a foundation, and have continued to build upon that.

MMC has become a part of our family. My daughter is now passing her AR quizzes with flying colors. Since her comprehension has improved, her grades in every subject has improved. I’m so thankful that I chose MMC.

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