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The Learning Revolution Is Here!

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If your student:

* Struggles in math

* Can’t see how math is life

*Lacks confidence and motivation to try

*Thinks that classroom instruction doesn’t connect with his/her way of thinking

And, YOU have tried everything, but don’t want to give up…

then it’s


Prevent “Summer Slide”

With The Miracle Math Summer Camp…

Our Brain Based Math Adventures Day Camp is the only Math Summer Camp in Fairfield! Our fun outdoor setting will help students enjoy summer without falling behind when school starts up.


  • Two 4-hour days – Mondays & Wednesdays, 10 AM – 2:30 PM
  • Six weeks Starting July 10 – August 16
  • Prevent Summer Learning Loss with activities set for each week
  • Camp is Outdoors, except reserve first floor indoors as needed
  • Camp sessions sold by week ($120/week, with discount if you enroll for all 6 weeks (one day free)
  • Free Lunch included

Staff will engage with students proceeding through 2 sets of activities each day. There are four stations Schema Cloud, Real-World Activity/Game, Brain-Booster Exercises and finally Empowerment Station.

Students will follow one activity, then break for lunch, fountain play &/or rest and resume the next station. See the map below for how it works and more details about the activities.


Starting at the bottom, left-hand corner, follow along as students journey through the Miracle Math learning process. (click image to enlarge)

Each day, they master a Math topic by exploring two stations:

  1. Creating a “Schema Cloud” that captures all of their thoughts and emotions about the topic
  2. Tackling a real-world activity related to the topic
  3. Making a connection between the cloud and the activity in a class setting and
  4. Revisiting their cloud and realizing how much they’ve increased their knowledge. Students will be empowered by not only mastering the topic but by also gaining a level of mastery to be able to teach it to someone else.

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  1. We only hire top talent. Our coaches are teachers in the district, college graduate working professionals that all have formal teaching experience and complete our required brain based certification training.
  2. All coaches are fingerprinted and verified through the DOJ and FBI.
  3. Summer Camps are aligned to meet each student’s unique learning level with an average coach to student ratio of 10:1.

Students lose up to three months of academic progress during the summer, a phenomenon called “Summer Slide.”

The key is connecting to and expanding your student’s Schema Cloud™.

Schema is a way our brain organizes knowledge. Every human being has what we call a Schema Cloud™ –A collection of what we know or how we think about things. This includes the people and places we learn about and see on a daily basis.

Each day, your students will discover their own Schema Cloud™ for various math concepts. The words, feelings and information they have about the concept will be carefully aligned with the true facts about that concept. At the same time, fun and practical activities will link their current schema to the real world, and help them to connect the pieces of learning on their own.

This camp is sure to improve your students’ confidence and position them for academic success.

Summer’s almost here, and YOU have the power to transform your child’s school life. Just enroll him or her in a Miracle Math Summer Camp.

Our rock-star academic coaches will thrill students with lots of new educational experiences. Your child will walk into their classrooms in the fall with knowledge their fellow students can only envy.

If you’re already part of the Miracle Math family, you know first-hand how we help students master and enjoy Math. Summer camp offers the same quality academics – AND IT’S A LOT More Fun!!! Students already have a good time at Miracle Math during the school year, but they’ll have an even better time at our camps.

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