What is Miracle Math Coaching?

Miracle Math Coaching’s Core Purpose

is to Deliver Brain-Centered Learning Experiences to Cultivate Success in Students, Educators, and Support Staff.
Brain-Based Learning


Miracle Math is the only proprietary, brain-based, math-focused, one-on-one tutoring center in Fairfield. Brain-based means we use cognitive science to understand how each student learns best. Parents say that having highly-trained, enthusiastic professionals as coaches sets us apart.


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Miracle Math is also heart-led. We understand the feelings of students who are struggling, and those of their parents. We connect with our students in ways that engage, empower and enlighten them, so they can become self-directed learners. Through detailed learning assessments, personalized tutoring programs, and the collective involvement of our staff, we’re able to achieve success.
Deanna Hurn, Miracle Math Coaching


Over ten years ago, Miracle Math Coaching was founded, and is still led, by Deanna Hurn because she herself had struggled to adapt her learning style to accommodate how she was being taught. At Miracle Math, we know that each brain is unique, meaning each student learns and understands in his/her own way. Instead of asking our students to adapt to us, we structure our tutoring to their learning style and personality.
As a Member of Miracle Math


You have joined our family, which has exclusive access to our village of support. Founder and Executive Director Deanna Hurn, our coaching team, our professional staff and all of our educational supporting partners are at your disposal.


Miracle Math Coaching Awards


The benefits of math tutoring are legendary, and Fairfield parents are fortunate that the Miracle Math Coaching Center offers an exemplary program right in their own backyard. Miracle Math provides enrichment plans that empower middle school, high school and college students to succeed. Though services promote overall academic enrichment, the Center’s specialty is math coaching.

There Are No Two Brains Alike

That means their is no one else in the entire world that learns exactly the same way. Let us help you Discover how you learn. Learning how you learn is a skill you will treasure for the rest of your life and it starts with taking the next right action and signing up today.

Why struggle when you can Discover how you learn and become unstoppable in your learning?

No Two Brains are Alike
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Unknown
Why is Math Coaching so Important?
For many reasons…
Research shows that students’ math abilities at age seven impact how much money they will earn as adults. The study, published in a May 2013 issue of Psychological Science, measured scores of math students in first grade and followed participants into adulthood. Children with higher math scores grew up to hold better jobs, live in nicer housing and generate greater income than their peers.

Specifically, the fastest growing jobs are those in the fields of science, technology education and mathematics (STEM). They are expected to grow by 17 percent during the next decade. Math tutoring at the Miracle Math Center can be a huge step toward having a lucrative career in a fast-growing field.

Math coaching also helps students overcome behavioral challenges.

Specifically, a recent study in Chicago concludes that students who were tutored in math exhibited 67 percent less absenteeism, misconduct and course failure.

The tutoring was administered in conjunction with an after-school program.

Math coaching will help students pursue higher education.

Most standardized tests – including the extremely important SATs and ACTs – have a large math component. Many times, acing these tests are the surest way to help students gain access to their first choice for college.

Miracle Math Coaching of Fairfield recognizes that importance and can design personalized coaching plans that will help math students dramatically improve their scores.

Deanna Hurn is a Recognized Leader in Brain-Based Learning. And the Miracle Math Coaching Program is Second to None.

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“This program is not tutoring, but coaching your child toward the road of success. The coaches assist students in the learning process. The coaches take pride when the student becomes completely independent.”
Akshay R.

“I would tell any parent who is thinking about joining Miracle Math to proceed. This is a program designed for kids who are already strong academically and want to maintain their success, as well as for children who are still developing. You will not regret your decision. This program is also continuing to grow and expand in a positive way. This is the best time to join!”
Akusoa D.

“I have my two sons at Miracle Math Coaching for about 3 years now. After the first year of coming to Miracle Math, my oldest son went from D’s and F’s to being on the honor roll for the last two years. The coaches take a personal interest in each student. I love it. Thank you Miracle Math Coaching.”
Denise Daniel

Why MMC Works

Our system works because it is based on science. I truly believe we all have a purpose. Ours is to share this revolutionary way of teaching to learners all over the world.

MMC Core Ideology

Miracle Math Coaching’s Core Purpose is to deliver brain-centered learning experiences to cultivate success in students, educators, and support staff, and adhere to the highest levels of professionalism.

It Takes A Village

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” -Kenneth B.

We truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child.