Miracle Math Coaching’s

Brain-Based Workshops

Beat Test Anxiety

We guarantee that your child will feel more relaxed and prepared for exams which will lead to higher test scores after taking this workshop. Miracle Math coaches understand that your child’s fear comes from stress hormones blocking the working memory. We teach students how to let go of the anxiety and perform at their best.

Scholarship Series

In this “Develop your Scholarship Strategy” workshop, your child will learn the skills to apply for and win scholarships and academic awards. Topics include, the universal judging criteria, setting scholarship goals and preparing your personal statement and creating an academic resume. (Students who take this workshop can sign up for “Scholarship Series, Part One: Find the Best Scholarship for You” at a later date)

Brain-Based Study Skills

Over the course of three workshops, your child will learn how to study smarter, not harder. We teach the “soft skills”, such as proper time management, taking effective notes that fit their “brain language”, using corrected tests to improve understanding and perseverance when struggling in a subject.

Binder Drills and Organizational Skills

Students who complete this workshop will not only become more organized, they will STAY more organized. No more lost homework, missing assignments and class binders in disarray. Even better, we help students become more self-directed so they take responsibility for always staying on track.

How Often are the Workshops Held?

Workshops are held two or three Saturdays each month. Most workshops begin at 10 a.m. and last between one and two hours.

We provide snacks, and students can play games to win prizes. If parents get them started, we keep them wanting to come back for more.

If you have any questions, please email us at
or call: 707-398-3474

Why a Miracle Math Coaching Workshop?

Students who excel in school have mastered valuable “soft skills” that your child will not learn in school alone. From time management to persevering through struggles in a subject matter, Miracle Match Coaching Workshops give your student the tools to become a successful, lifelong learner.

Exclusive to Miracle Math is our Brain-Based curriculum, which focuses on the science of how the brain absorbs knowledge. Our workshops tailor the information specifically to how your child processes information.

Membership Passes

Parents who are most serious about helping their child succeed can purchase regular academic coaching through Membership Passes. Each pass grants free access to our workshops and exclusive academic coaching services.


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