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Does your child need math help? Research shows that students’ math abilities at age seven impact how much money they will earn as adults. Children with higher math scores grow up to hold better jobs, live in nicer homes and generate greater income than their peers.

We have proven results in improving grades and boosting academic achievement;  we even won an award for it! The Miracle Math and Study Skills Coaching Program, consecutive winner of the 2014 and 2015 Math Coaching Center of the Year Award, can help your child get the math help they need. To improve their grades and boost their academic achievement, too.  

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This place & all its staff rocks! We were somewhat reluctant to enroll our daughter in math coaching. The owner (Deanna Hurn) guaranteed that we would see our daughters grades significantly improve (in all classes), as a result of the academic coaching, provided by her team. To our surprise, she was 100% right, ALL of our daughters grades have improved. She went from being a C-D student, to being an A-B student. We love the professionalism of Miracle Math. Its made a huge difference in our daughters outlook on education. She’s now excited about learning, and looks forward to attending a 4 year university! Thanks Miracle Math!! ~ Tony G.

I had the privileged to have had other private tutors and just couldn’t get it right not to say that they weren’t competent, but its hard to find someone well rounded in all subjects. Until i found miracle math; they worked with me, gave me a good price, and were able to find the areas where my son needed most help in. i think its great how you get one hour free assessment, no obligation, and the staff are highly qualified. i have been a member for seven months and plan to continue, my son is showing very good and positive results.
~ Lorenzo C.

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