Why work here?

Coaches enjoy the direct interaction with students of all ages (including adults) and abilities and enjoy connecting with them as individuals. They know the importance of understanding students’ struggles and are delighted to celebrate their successes.

In our collegial atmosphere, coaches support and encourage each other. They contribute to each other’s knowledge base and skill sets. When part of a student’s coaching team, they communicate to ensure student’s needs are met.

Coaches collaborate in the presentation of workshops and the implementation of student enrichment. They get to know each other personally as well (currently, most are afraid of spiders, and many speak more than one language).

Our Core Purpose is to deliver brain-centered learning experiences to cultivate success in students, educators, and support staff. We are a recognized leader in teaching strategies aligned with how the brain works.

Our Core Values are the guiding beliefs we follow and practice in everything we do. Our coaches are trained under careful supervision. Student progress is monitored and reinforced.
Frequent and regular sessions ensure well-structured content and delivery. Student curriculum is often coordinated closely with the classroom or teacher. All of these values allow us to achieve award winning success with a carefully organized program that is second to none.

Year after year, Miracle Math can guarantee an exemplary level of service because of those we select to work for us. We know the vital role our coaches play in the academic lives of our students, and the crucial support our administrative staff provides us all.
We’ve developed a proprietary system that allows us to find, interview, hire, train and develop the best academic coaches in the industry. Of course, they’re subject matter experts. But more important, they are nurturing, insightful, creative and goal-oriented with proven track records of success.

Who Are We Looking For?

Miracle Math Coaches include teachers, para-educators, engineers, and an astrophysicist! We are looking for passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated instructors with at least two years or more of formal teaching experience.

Join the ranks of passionate, purpose driven educators, and let our awesome leadership team equip you to succeed. We are also always looking for dynamic, detail-obsessed, and dedicated candidates to join our miracle-working administrative team.

The enduring tenets of Miracle Math Coaching are to:

  • Deliver brain-centered learning experiences.
  • Communicate measured results and program success regularly.
  • Cultivate a family-oriented atmosphere.
  • Recruit, develop, and assign exceptional educators and staff devoted to our purpose and the uniqueness of each learner.
  • Build a team of committed staff who foster communication, collaboration, and professional development amongst each other.
  • Adhere to the highest levels of professionalism.

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