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Miracle Math Live Parent Testimonial

During Covid, one of Sorsdal family’s biggest fears was that he’d lose tutoring. Miracle Math’s seamless transition to online coaching provided invaluable distance learning support and a sense of normalcy during a time of change. Hear why they believe Miracle Math is an essential service to prevent learning loss and academic failure. 


Melvin, whose mother joined us for Facebook Live, has seen amazing growth in his education thanks to the Miracle Math team and his own hard work and dedication. He started with Miracle Math with a 1.3 GPA in 11th grade and finished with a 3.2 GPA at graduation! Hear why his mother is convinced that every parent who believes that learning matters should take action!


Facebook Live Parent Chat

Join our village of support in this Live and hear multiple moms discuss their personal struggles and victories through this pandemic. 

Not Falling Behind

How to tell if your child is falling behind their classmates or their coursework while learning from home.

Special Publications Parents Should Read

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Miracle Math is dedicated to helping parents close the gaps in distance learning that may happen with the changes in our normal curriculum.

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10 Signs Your Child May Be Struggling With Online Learning

Why do you need this?

We are brain-based, which means we use all the latest scientific research to understand how students are processing information. We have online resources we’ve found essential for teaching at home, our own learning labs, and some knowledgeable sources around the world who are working hard to make sure parents, teachers, and coaching are focused on what’s really important right now: the long term education of your child.

Falling behind is one of the biggest stressors on parents right now. Keep an eye out for these signs as we work through the process of learning how to teach from home.