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We know this is a stressful time for parents, especially with so much uncertainty about your child’s education.  Miracle Math Coaching can give you peace of mind that your child WILL NOT fall behind this school year.  

The achievement levels of our students actually INCREASED online from March 2020, when schools closed, until August 2020.

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Recently featured

Miracle Math has been featured in many world wide publications and more recently in the Daily Republic, Visions in Education, News10, Nerd Wallet, Parent Magazine, and the Fairfield Awards to name a few.

How it works

Miracle Math Coaching wants to make sure the program can fulfill your child’s academic needs. Our assessment will help determine whether our program and your child are a good fit to ensure your satisfaction.

Learning Assessment

Through our Discovery Assessment, Miracle Math determines what your child already knows and the challenges and opportunities they face as we get them to our Brain-Based System.  Take the first step now and click the green button below, you’ll be grateful you did!

Brain-Based System

We create an individualized action plan based on neuroscientific studies proving no two brains are alike.  The plan will be unique to how your child’s brain works – how your child thinks, learns, problem solves, relates to and sees the world.  Students excel because they are learning in a way that uniquely matches how their brains functions.

Program Flexibility

We tailor our online program to meet state standards nationwide.  You can choose sessions that best fit your family schedule and select from recommended learning plans that best suit your budget.  If you live near the Solano or Sacramento County areas, you can also opt for in-person academic coaching, which will strictly follow all CDC safety protocols.


Miracle Math is dedicated to helping parents close the gaps in distance learning that may happen with the changes in our normal curriculum.


Elementary School

Younger students who gain confidence from Brain-Based Learning early on will be ahead of their peers in achieving long-term success.

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Middle School

In addition to helping middle schoolers excel academically, our program incorporates social emotional learning and personal development – key areas in healthy adolescent growth.

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High School

We help students easily navigate the challenges and opportunities of high school, building skills in time management, test-taking, college planning and preparation to ace the SATs and ACTs.

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Adult Education

Do you want to advance your career? Go back to school or master your learning to boost your self confidence? We have a program for adults to help you level up your life and self confidence. We are here to help you heal and advance your learning.

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Shannon Jimerson

“In a time where my daughter was having great difficulty in math, the staff did wonders for her confidence and ability. Thank you so much!!!”

5 Star Review | Facebook

Sophia Pena

“…In less than a year, my daughter has gone from very low scores on math tests to earning on average a C or above. Now headed to middle school, my daughter has this exuberant self-confidence in herself and her abilities in not only school but all-around, which is priceless. Thank you, Miracle Math!”

5 Star Review | Google

Jack Humphrey

“You won’t find anyone more effective and passionate about math coaching and tutoring than Deanna and her team.”

5 Star Review | Facebook

Dilcie P.

“My kids have been coming here almost since the day it opened. I love that they get individual attention and staff is great!”

5 Star Review | Yelp

Victor Nwaoha

“At the beginning of this school year, I was very concerned because my son was struggling in his 6th grade math class. A couple of months after he started going to Miracle Math Coaching center I noticed that he regain his confidence in math. I am very happy today because he went from C grade to A, and I will forever be grateful to Deanna and her team at miracle math for the great job they did to help my son regain his passion for math again. Thank you.”

5 Star Review | Google

Natalie White

“My daughter has been coming here for over a year. She has become more confident in her abilities. The staff is wonderful. My daughter looks forward to coming to her sessions with her tutor. I would highly recommend if your child needs some extra help!”

5 Star Review | Facebook

Daniela S.

“…Every individual at Miracle Math is dedicated to the success of the student. Deanna will meet with you to develop a personalized plan for your student based on their foundation of knowledge and learning style (she will figure this out for you).   They make every possible effort to accommodate your schedule and needs.”

5 Star Review | Yelp

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