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Miracle Math Coaching is an educational tutoring program in Fairfield, California that helps your child achieve academic success.
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Neuroscience proves that no two brains are alike.
We improve students’ ability to understand how
their unique brains were created to learn.
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Our phenomenal coaching system helps
your student stay ahead of the curve
(with weekly planning and preparation).
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“None of us is as smart as all of us.”
~ Kenneth Blanchard

Who are the brains behind the magic?

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Learn who Deanna is and
Why She Inspires us All
Miracle Math Coaching is an award-winning math tutoring program in Fairfield, California. We help your child achieve academic success in math and so much more.

Parents say that having one-on-one, enthusiastic tutors as educational coaches sets us apart. We understand the feelings of students who are struggling, and those of their parents. We connect with our students in ways that engage, empower and enlighten them, so they can become self-directed learners in school and beyond.  You can learn more about our Math Coaching Here.

If your child is struggling in school, or in their homeschooling program, don’t lose hope. Sign up for a free Learning Discovery session for your child. We’ll help you learn which approach to take with your child’s math tutoring and overall learning.