Miracle math coaching

Brain-based. Heart led.®

One-on-one coaching to help students excel.

Miracle Math uses the latest in neuroscience to unlock the learning potential in students for just about any subject — not just math — and improve essential support skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

The Miracle Math Way

Miracle Math is the only proprietary, brain-based, one-on-one tutoring center of its kind. Parents value our trusted system of improving a student’s “learning engine” and core skills, while building their confidence and metacognition (recognizing one’s way of processing what one learns.)

Why Miracle Math?

We are a unique community of educators who can help your child overcome their frustrations with a science-based, dedicated one-on-one comprehensive coaching approach shown to improve test scores while also building self-confidence and developing the whole individual.

Miracle Math provides an initial assessment of a student’s needs and skills to develop a goal-based, metric-guided learning plan curated just for them with various learning options.

  • In-person
  • Remote
  • Hybrid

How it Works

While we stress measured improvement in grades and test scores, our larger goal is to achieve more in the development of your child and their ability to learn.

As parents, we know it’s not easy watching your kids struggle in school. With Miracle Math, it’s Problem. Solved.

Our brain-based learning approach lets us understand how each student learns so they can reach their greatest potential. We begin by training students’ brains to absorb knowledge while continuing to help your child build confidence through their success in the classroom, and in life.

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Miracle Math has been featured in many worldwide publications, and more recently in Parents Magazine, Daily Republic, Visions in Education, Nerd Wallet, News10, the Fairfield Awards among many more.