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“Life is just a book. Live one page at a time. Challenges provide content, and your actions tell your story.” ~Deanna Hurn

Hurn is an educational consultant, professional speaker, credentialed teacher, academic coach, National Tutoring Association Board Member, director and founder of the Miracle Math Coaching Brain-Based Learning Center. She is also the creator of The GPA Makeover Program, which has been proven to increase the grade point average of students from middle school through college. 

As a professional speaker, she provides educational consulting and motivational speaking services to private clients and public organizations, including California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento City College, and the California Math Engineering and Science Achievement Program (MESA).

Before launching Miracle Math Coaching and The GPA Makeover Program, Hurn served as an actuary, and financial analyst for Fireman’s Fund Insurance. Her responsibilities included assessing risks, analyzing national trends, and determining the level of company’s financial reserves.

She holds an AS in Mathematics from Sacramento City College, a BS in Actuarial Statistics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a Teaching Credential from the State of California. She has earned certification from the National Tutoring Association and is a member of the Learning and the Brain Society.

She has received praise from John J. Medina, a leading neuroscientist whose pioneering work has led to new understanding of how the brain learns. Medina is director of the Brain Center for Applied Learning Research at Seattle Pacific University and the Author of New York Times bestseller Brain Rules.

In her spare time, Deanna loves to journal, play brain game apps, find new natural hair products that complement her natural curl pattern, and practice speaking Spanish – when she’s not cooking and enjoying her three little women and hubby.


“I believe that so many of our students are traumatized. They need what I call “academic healing™ .” They need to feel seen, validated and affirmed. They need to stop feeling as though “they are the problem and something is wrong with them.”

My goal at Miracle Math is for my team and I to show them through our actions. We help them with a reframe. We show them how to ask new questions and to realize they are uniquely made in perfection. 

My journey of “academic healing ™ ,” and eventually empowering isn’t something I take lightly. I have spent years doing the work, from multiple degrees, certifications, modalities to studying with some of the world’s leading experts– I’m grateful to have created a system that is re-writing the educational narrative of every student who passes through my door. “ 

Deanna Hurn at Miracle Math
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Deanna is eager to hear from school districts, community organizations, sports leagues and other children-focused groups interested in collaborating with Miracle Math.

Miracle Math Coaching - Deanna Hurn Family
Deanna was a member of the Board of Directors of the National Tutoring Association (NTA) from 2014-2018.

“I love the approach to really tapping into the how my child thinks and learns. Deanna Hurn’s complete and comprehensive evaluation of my high school senior was accurate. I think for the first time my daughter felt validated. Deanna also incorporated my child’s passion, which is be a nurse involved in finding a cure for cancer in children. My child who always doubted her ability, got an A on a pre calculus quiz! This was significant because she has NEVER got an A! She has to work hard to get a C. Her regular math teacher was blown away. This is was only after 1 week with Miracle Math. My daughter looks forward to her sessions and I see and feel her confidence growing. I love the energy and enthusiasm of the owner Deanna… she clearly is very passionate and gifted”

Noeta H.


“I have worked with Miracle Math Coaching for about 3 years when my daughter, Sabelle Dumas, needed help after failing her Geometry class. I had called around to various tutoring services providers and decided to go with Deanna Hurn of Miracle Math Coaching because she was interested in each student’s individual needs.

My daughter was diagnosed with a mild case of dyslexia so it was really important for me to find someone who could change her methods according to how my daughter could understand math. Sabelle really needed that because all of her experiences with math before was failure, failure, failure – in grades, in not being able to comprehend. She has problems retaining formulas and frequently gets them mixed up. Some of her teachers just could not figure out how to communicate these to her. Deanna was able to find out how my daughter learned and then adjust her teaching method accordingly, which her teachers had been unable to do.

After working with Deanna, her grade in math went back up to a B+. Her overall grade point average went from 2.4 to a 3.3 and she is now enrolled in the college of her choice.

More importantly, there was a dramatic change in her self-confidence, as Deanna showed my daughter that there was nothing with her and helped her to realize that she is able to learn and understand math when it is shown to her the right way. The Miracle Math Coaching program has helped her gain the problem solving skills she needed and given her the confidence of knowing she can do it, that she has the ability to learn.

What we liked most about the Miracle Math Coaching program was the great one-on-one help as well as the personal relationship with both student and parents. It definitely worked for my daughter and I’m sure it will work for other students as well.”

Nadia D.


“I enrolled in Miracle Math because I was failing math, and knew I needed to pass the class to keep on track with college.I was excelling in all other subjects but math I was excelling. But Unfortunate I was behind in work in math, lost in every lesson and failing tests.
Before the program, I had a D in geometry and a GPA of 2.8.
After the program, I raised my geometry grade to a B+ and increased my GPA to a 3.3. Now
I’am not as lost in math class. I am keeping up with the lesson and passing all of my tests.
What I most like about this program is the great one on one help Deanna and her teachers gave me. In the future, I plan to attend San Jose State University, where I was just accepted. I plan to major in marketing.
Deanna is a great person, very friendly, helpful, patient, and welcoming. She provides great help and develops a personal relationship with all of her students and their parents. Ive been in the program three years.”

Sabelle D.



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