Learn How to be an “A” Student with our Miracle Math Workshops

Last month’s Miracle Math workshops were a blast!  we taught students two of the most important techniques for earning A’s in class: Getting Organized and Beating Test Anxiety.

Plus, we had our first workshop of Miracle Math Feud, based on the television game show, “Family Feud.”

Find out more about our workshops, and call (707) 398-3474 or email info@miraclemathcoaching.com to enroll.   It’s not too late to register for March.  Even if you’re not enrolled in Miracle Math Coaching, you can sign up for a low fee.


March 14 – “Study Skills”

March 28 – “Miracle Math Feud”


April 11 – “Binder Drills/Organizational Skills”

April 25 – “Test Anxiety”


May 9 – “Study Skills”

May 23 – “Jeopardy, Jr.”


We might add more workshops, so stay tuned.  I’ll send updates as soon as I know.


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