Math Tutor Software Offers Numerous Advantages to Struggling Students

According to statistics, there are many different advantages to having a struggling student use math tutor software. Generally speaking, a student’s unique strengths and weaknesses have the potential to be widely varied. Math is a subject where the skill levels may reach the highest point of variation. This may make it very difficult to meet a struggling student’s individual needs in math lessons. Math tutor software not only aids in identifying a student’s weaknesses by evaluating their progress, it helps by providing them with a self-paced method of completing mathematical problems so that their comprehension level advances. In this guide, you will learn all of the ways that math tutor software may aid in strengthening a student’s skills.

Screens a Student’s Skill Level
The first advantage to using math tutor software is that the program is designed to screen a student’s skill level in the subject. Not only will this screening aid in outlining the difficulties that the child has, but, it provides comprehensive interventions that will assist in building those skills. Once a student has been screened, the software will automatically adjust to their learning needs. Math is a cumulative subject. Each of the lessons builds on a previous lesson. It is important to focus on a child’s weaknesses so that they may get back on track in their coursework.

Explicit and Highly Systematic Instruction
Math tutor software is considered to be smart software. Once it screens a student, it then provides them with explicit and highly systematic instruction. It is common for tutor software that focuses on math to provide models that directly relate to proficient-based problem solving, the verbalization of the process of thought, a guided amount of practice, corrective and constructive feedback, and frequent reviews that are cumulative in nature.

Visual Representations
The next advantage to using math tutor software with struggling students is that the programs that are currently available actually provide opportunities to the kid to work with visual-based representation of ideas and concepts. In most instances, the visual representations help kinesthetic and visual learners because they provide them with problems that may be completed to enhance their knowledge. If a problem is answered incorrectly, it is not at all uncommon for the math tutor software to provide a video walkthrough that shows solving the problem. When a problem is answered correctly, the tutoring software will often praise the student, resulting in higher levels of motivation in building their math skills.

If your child is currently struggling in math, you must seek help immediately. Concepts and skills in this subject area build on one another. If these are not understood, it is quite likely that your child will continue to fall behind. Not only will this affect their academic performance, but, it also may prove to have a detrimental effect on the child’s self-esteem. If you would like more information on how your child may succeed in math and become the student that they want to become, visit us today by clicking HERE.

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