Special Letter to My New Friends in Solano County (and all of my Long-Time Friends, too)

Hi Everyone:  Here’s everything you’d want to know about Miracle Math Coaching –

I founded the business after leaving my job as an Actuary in 2008.  I was making great money as a statistician for an insurance company, but I was not a fulfilled Math professional.

I have two Math degrees, graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara, earned a teaching credential at the University of California at Berkeley, and I sit on the National Tutoring Association Board of Directors.  If you want to learn more about me, please read my full biography.

Here’s Why Miracle Math Coaching Students Excel:

  •          We’re the ONLY learning center in the county that provides students with one-on-one academic coaching.  We cover all subjects, but our specialty is Math.  And we’re great helping students master the Common Core.
  •          We’re the ONLY learning center in the county officially approved by the California Board of Education.
  •          We were voted Best Tutoring Service in Fairfield in 2014
  •          All of our programs, processes and procedures focus on how the brains of children and teenagers work best.  It’s called brain-based learning, and research proves that it’s effective.

I’ve completed cognitive neuropsychological training at U.C. Berkeley.  That just means I’m an expert in brain-based learning, and                      I’m passionate about using it to help students succeed.

  •          Miracle Math coaching customizes an academic plan for each student based on his or her unique strengths, challenges, learning styles and interests.  NO COOKIE CUTTER SYSTEMS at all.

For our Solano Neighbors:

Like us on Facebook, and check out our page to see what other parents are saying.  We have more than 2,600 fans who love us.

As a Mom on a budget, I understand that affordability may be your top concern.  But Miracle Math’s academic coaching packages are customized to fit your family’s budget and your student’s needs.  YOU CAN AFFORD THIS!

Just come in and meet me in person.  Miracle Math Coaching is located at 717 Texas Street, Fairfield, Calif.  94533.  Or call me directly at 707-398-3474, ext. 2700.

You owe it to yourself to learn how to give your student the best, most affordable, highest-quality academic coaching in Solano County.

Hugs to you all and remember, “Anything that’s living, grows.” Expand the possibilities for success for your student at Miracle Math Coaching.


Or just stop in so I can meet you to say, “Hi.” 🙂

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