Use Spring Break as a Time to Refresh and Sharpen Your Child’s Skills

Spring break is a special time of the school year. It allows teachers and students a chance to rest their minds. It allows families to reconnect. Unfortunately, it is a time when educational setbacks may occur. As a parent, it is imperative that you use spring break as a time to refresh and sharpen your child’s academic skills. In this brief guide, you will be provided with a few steps that you may take in order to make spring break a wonderful time for rest, relaxation, reconnection, AND refreshment! If you follow these steps, you are sure to see the benefits in your child’s academic success:

  1. Spring break is scheduled before the start of the school year. When you get the school calendar at the beginning of the year, you know when the break will occur. A week or so before the start of the break, you should contact your child’s teacher or teachers. You should inquire about the course work that is being covered and any weaknesses that your child is exhibiting. You should then use this information in order to keep your child fresh throughout the break. Days off will then transition into days of learning!
  2. School-aged kids love when they get a break away from school. It is completely natural for the kids to want to play, spend time having fun, and playing games. You should block out short periods of time each day where your child is responsible for studying or completing lessons. This way, the child does not experience burn out or frustration. If they know the designated time of the day when they are expected to study or learn, they are more likely to be open and receptive to learning over spring break.
  3. It takes a lot for a child to commit to studying and lessons during school breaks – especially spring break. You will find yourself challenged when it comes time to encourage learning. This is especially true when your child’s friends are out and about, the pool is ready to go, and the sprinklers are creating rainbows in the air. If you see that your child is committed and/or dedicated to the tasks at hand, you should offer some sort of reward for their hard work. Not only will they feel as if they are being rewarded, but, this simple act will motivate them to continue doing the work as they progress through spring break.

Spring break is a fun and exciting time for school-aged kids and their families. Yes, it is important to ensure that learning remains to be an important aspect of a child’s life when they are away from school; however, do not forget to schedule in some fun time. Remember, there are many activities that may be pursued during spring break that will also educate a child. Go to a zoo and learn about wildlife, visit a museum, go to the library, or, get in the kitchen and make meals for the elderly in your neighborhood! There are many ways to use spring break as a means to refresh and sharpen a child’s academic skills!

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