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3 Fun Math Apps to Keep the Brain Active During the Summer Months

Math is often a grueling, unenjoyable subject by children; however, it does not have to be! It is common for the consistent drill overkill when it comes to the subject matter. But Math Apps can make it fun during the summer!

math apps

Despite a parent or a teacher’s best intentions, this can really turn youngsters “off” to the subject – especially if the drill overkill is performed during the summer months. Summer vacation is a time when kids and adults alike and seeking activities to cool off after the heat of the previous academic year. However, it is also a wonderful time when kids may develop essential skills in math. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to 3 fun math apps that will keep kids entertained and their brains active in the summertime!

Prodigy Math Game

What do today’s kids enjoy more than almost anything else? If you answered “gaming”, you would be correct! The Prodigy Math Game app allows a child to choose an avatar and then immerse themselves in a world where they earn spells and confront vicious monsters. Not only are various awards offered throughout the app, but, it learns with your child! In other words, once a certain skill set is achieved, it advances to keep up with the pace of your child. Gaming is not only an excellent means to practicing math skills, but, it helps improve attention spans, develop hand eye coordination, and excites kids through numerous adventures and scenes!

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Marble Math Jr.

If your child is in need of lessons and/or reviews on mathematical operations, counting skills, enhancement of reasoning skills, learning sequencing, shapes, fractions, or learning about money, the Marble Math Jr. app is for them! All of these traditional skills are integrated into a game-type play environment. Children are encouraged to think through problems strategically and solve them. The play environment is set up like a maze. While it sounds simple, it is challenging! You will find that your child works consistently to get through the obstacles at hand!

See the Marble Math Jr. Game on their Website and on iTunes 

Dragonbox Big Numbers

Does your child have a passion for the fantasy world? Are they intrigued by dragons, faeries, and other types of mythical creatures? If so, they will absolutely love the app, Dragonbox Big Numbers. Here, they enter into a fantastical and highly whimsical world called “Noomia”. They are instructed to obtain resources, add them up, and various other tasks – such as purchasing supplies, unlocking new areas, and getting numbers to increase in size. This app helps youngsters enhance their skills in adding, grouping, and subtracting!

See Big Numbers on their Website and on iTunes

As you can see from the information here, there are many different types of apps that will help a child learn and practice math over the summer months. Each of these apps will keep that growing brain active and will prepare the child for the upcoming school year! If you would like to learn more about summer smart activities for your child, visit our blog today at:

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