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Math Camps Prevent ‘Summer Slide’

Math Adventure Camps Offer a Wonderful Way to Keep Minds Academically Challenged During the Summer Months – Part 1

If you would like to keep your child’s mind academically challenged during the summer months, you should consider Math Adventure Camps. These comprehensive camps combine real world problems and projects to mathematical concepts that must be mastered for a child to be successful in school. The brain-building exercises, problems, and projects are designed to keep a child enthusiastic and entertained while teaching and building solid academic skills. This type of academic camp is not only considered to be highly innovative, but, it is also considered to be revolutionary! If you want the best for your child, continue reading to learn how Math Adventure Camps will positively impact the personal life and academic life of the children that attend!

The Summer Slide
It has been proven that, in order for kids to achieve success in both school and their life, they need to be provided with ongoing opportunities that allow them to practice the essential skills of certain subjects and to learn, in general. This is considered to be especially true during the summer break. Many of today’s students do not experience idyllic opportunities during the summer – such as traveling to museums, going to the library, and engaging in other potentially educational activities. Instead, most struggle to access learning opportunities. As a result, the “Summer Slide” occurs; that is, that a child loses and/or forgets important skills due to lack of practice – especially in math and reading. There has been a tremendous amount of research regarding the Summer Slide throughout the years. The studies have established the following:

  • When a child fails to participate in educational activities during the summer, they experience learning losses.
  • Children that were provided standardized tests after summer break scored much lower than students that took the same tests immediately before summer break.
  • When it comes to mathematical-based computation skills, it has been determined that – on average – most kids lose at least two months of their grade level equivalency during the summer break from school.
  • Students that lose math skills and are from lower income families also lose – in excess – of two months’ worth of reading achievement during the summer months.
  • Students that do not have access to summer learning opportunities are less likely to graduate from the high school setting and go on to college.
  • In addition to losing academic-based knowledge over the summer months, students who do not have access to summer learning opportunities are more likely to suffer from health-related issues, such as obesity, increased infections, and depression.
  • Parents agree that the summer months are particularly challenging when it comes to setting up productive activities for their children.

Thank you for reading Part 1 of this series. We encourage you to return for Part 2 next week. If you care about the academic success of your child, the information contained in this 2-Part series is absolutely vital.

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