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Magnificence, Magic, and Mastery with Miracle Math Summer Camp

Would you like your child to experience magnificence, magic, and mastery? If so, Miracle Math Summer Camp is the way to go! This specially-designed academic camp is designed for families that want to avoid the ever-so-common “summer slide” – especially in mathematics.

Math is a cumulative academic subject in which each skill builds upon the skill of another. If a child struggles with one skill, they are sure to struggle with each subsequent skill that they are presented. While summer is a time of fun, relaxation, and freedom, it is also a known time when children slide academically.

The brain-based learning camp offered at Miracle Math Coaching aids in preventing this summer slide and enhancing a child’s academic success in the upcoming school year.

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What is Brain-Based Learning?

According to research, the brain undergoes several changes as a child advances through school. In the past, it was thought that – once a child reaches a certain age – their brain stops changes. Scientists and medical doctors have now established that this is not the case. In fact, the brain has the ability to change on a daily basis!

The official name for this process is “neuroplasticity”.

Brain-based learning presents information to students in very small chunks so that they are able to successfully retain the information. Learning has been found to depend on a vast amount of resources within the body. If too much information is presented at once, it is likely to be impossible for a child to comprehend and master all.

Brain-based learning also promotes the use of movement in the learning process. The Miracle Math Summer Camp is designed to encourage brain-based learning, not just the memorization of information. Students actually develop an in-depth understanding of math and fully comprehend all of the skills in which they are taught.

Summer Camp for building Your Child’s Schema

The Schema Cloud

The Summer Camp offered by Miracle Math Coaching is designed to enhance a child’s schema cloud. At the beginning of your child’s summer adventure, they will be provided with art supplies and utensils and instructed to create their very own “cloud”. They will then place topics that they think of within that cloud.

These topics may reflect images, emotions, thoughts, words, and ideas.

Once the “cloud” has been created, the camp coaches will evaluate them in order to create a customized learning plan for each child. This plan will start with instructing the child to apply that which they placed in their “cloud” to an activity that is real-world based.

Bringing Math to Life

All too often, children are presented with numbers, variables, facts, rules, and figures without those being applied to the “real” world. It has been established that if a child is able to associate mathematic skills and concepts to things within their world, they are more likely to grasp, comprehend, and apply those skills and concepts to mastery.

Miracle Math Summer Camp does all of this, and more! If you are ready to see magnificence, magic, and mastery in math by your child, Miracle Math Summer Camp will help you:

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