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Math Camp Prevents Summer Slide – Part 2

Thank you for returning to our concluding installment of the series, Math Camp Prevents Summer Slide – Part 1. Last week, you learned that math camps offer fun and entertaining methods for encouraging your child to continue learning throughout the often unproductive months when school is out for the summer. You also learned about the “Summer Slide” and were presented with various statistics pertaining to the detrimental impact that the summer months may have on your child’s academic success and their health.

This week, we will continue by expounding on the immense advantages that Math Adventure Camps will offer your child.

Math Camp Offers a Wonderful Way to Keep Minds Academically Challenged During the Summer Months – Part 2

What Type of Child Will Benefit from Attending a Math Adventure Camp?
In short, all students will benefit from attending a Math Adventure Camp. This brain-based learning adventure provides children with one main math concept each and every single day.

This concept is presented through problems from the real world, as well as real world projects. The problems and projects that the child will engage in will result in a high level of enthusiasm and excitement for the child. While this type of camp is beneficial to ALL kids, it is especially beneficial to those that experience the following:

  • Immense struggles when it comes to math-based concepts and skills
  • A lack of understanding as to how math is actually used on a day-to-day basis and how it applies to real-life situations and events
  • Suffer from a lack of confidence in themselves and academics
  • A general lack of motivation when it comes to trying
  • Cannot see the correlation between the instruction that they receive in the classroom and their individualized manner of thinking

The Miracle Math Summer Camp Experience
If you are interested in placing your child into a Math Adventure Summer Camp, you should consider the Miracle Math Summer Camp. This program employs only the best of the best – in terms of academic coaches. Each of the coaches are highly enthusiastic about math.

They have designed a program that offers a wide range of educational-based experiences and get students excited about math, which is a commonly disliked subject among kids. The academic coaches work closely with the kids and their families to ensure that they understand AND master all mathematical skills and concepts presented to them while attending the camp.

The Schema Cloud
The Math Adventures Camp offered by Miracle Math Coaching focuses on expanding the Schema Cloud of each student that attends. In essence, the “Schema” is a way that the brain specializes in organizing knowledge. The “Schema Cloud” is present with each person – both young and old.

Basically, it is a collection of that which we know and how we think about the things that we are presented in life. This camp adventure is designed to discover their “Cloud” as it relates to mathematical concepts and skills. The fun activities that they will indulge in will help them connect all of the pieces of their learning process.

Not only will this camp aid in positioning your child for academic success, but, it will aid in boosting their confidence!

Sign your child up a summer camp that will result in lifelong success and memories.


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