Three habits you can adopt now to boost your grades

Here are three habits you can adopt now to boost your grades.

Habit #1:
Visit your teachers’ office hours.

You can do this to discuss homework specifics, quizzes, test dates and topics covered or to ask a question you have.

Maintain a good rapport with your teachers weekly because they have the “Golden Ticket” to better grades.

Habit #2
Taking class notes.

I always tell my students to never come to our session and stare at me or the board. In class, your teachers are there to give you information and test your level of understanding.

Then, they can validate that you are approved to move closer to having more choices, more opportunity and more money.

We like to think we will remember everything, or we tell ourselves that what our teachers are saying isn’t important. But that’s not the mindset of a proactive and focused student. You need notes to help remind your brain what you just learned. Notes will increase your retention and improve your ability to understand.

You will perform better on exams. So always take notes.

Habit # 3
Completing Homework.

Sounds simple and obvious, but it bears repeating. Doing your homework is the key to retaining information. The combination of habits 2 and 3 is responsible for more than 1/3 (33 percent) of your overall academic performance.

Start all school work the day it is first assigned, and complete it by the due date. Remember to spread the work over the days before the assignment is due.

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