Making The Most Of Breaks

MMC News 3-2On Spring Break, most students either go south to the beaches to party, stay home and hang out or go to visit family and friends. I’d like to offer a few ideas on how you can actually spring towards your goals this Spring Break.

The average Spring Break lasts at least seven days. I suggest dividing time break into three phases so you don’t return to school lost. You’ll be prepared and ready to continue moving toward your academic goals.

Phase One – Ease Into The Groove

On days 1 and 2, spend at least 15 to 45 minutes writing down your weaknesses in each of your classes, what you need to catch up on and how you plan to change your habits (if needed) to improve your performance.

Phase Two – Party Like it’s 1999

Only after you have completed the task in Phase One can you truly enjoy Phase Two with a clear mind.

Your duties in this phase are to:

A. Party like it’s 1999 (But don’t break the law).

B. Just relax with your friends and family.

C. Do anything that has nothing to do with school, deadlines or stress. You must refresh yourself and have fun on your BREAK. Franklin Covey calls this “Sharpening the Saw.” It’s when you take time to relax and rebuild yourself mentally, spiritually, physically and socially.

This will only help you become a super star student without burning yourself out. Even I have to force myself to rest from my goals. Recently, I went on a date with my husband of eight years. I love what I do and because I want to continue to, so I must take a break. And so should you.

Phase 3 – Ease Out of the Groove

Now you’re going to re-visit the written to-do list and notes to yourself from Phase One and try to slowly ease your mind back into what’s important: focusing on the changes you’ll make when you get back to school.

A Spring Forward Plan is Important

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I have said this several time before, but it is so true.

Statistics have shown that if you write down your plan, you’re 97 percent more likely to complete it than if you don’t.

If you complete all the steps I’ve given you in this newsletter, you will Spring Forward in school and feel much more
confident upon returning to school.

You might even look forward to showing off your new GPA Makeover and seeing your grades increase to a level you never thought possible.

Don’t Lose Your Spring Break Makeover

Maintain that new glow. It looks good on you. If you feel more prepared and equipped to spring forward on your Spring Break then you are experiencing the power of the Miracle Math Program.

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