Today’s Realities Force Parents to Let go of Yesterday’s Memories – Part 1

Throughout history, it has always been considered an appropriate measure for parents, communities, and schools to work together. It has been established that this joint effort is not only effective in promoting the health and the well-being of students, but that it promotes the academic success of the students.

Unfortunately, this is quickly changing in our rapidly evolving world of technological innovation, time availability, heavy focusing being placed on standardized testing, and other complications. There is now a blatant separation between the community and school. While it is true that parents and schools still collaborate relatively well, community involvement is a must. In evaluating the situation as a whole, it is unlikely that communities will fall back to their old ways and offer the level of support that they once offered.

This leaves parents and schools in a position where they have to let go of yesterday’s memories and face today’s realities. It takes a village. As parents, we must create a “village” based on the 21st Century and all that it has to offer in order to ensure the well-being of our children.

The Proverbial “Village”
A proverb from the ancient Africans informed us, “It takes a village to raise a child”. This is a solid truth – just as much today as it was then. No man, no woman, no child – no family – is considered to be an island unto themselves. The days that are upon us, though, they are quite lean when it comes to community involvement in the child-rearing process. More and more parents are finding themselves experiencing a high level of alienation in their communities. Schools are also experiencing a form of alienation from the communities where they operate.

The simple truth of the matter is, our communities are not likely to offer the support that our children need. We must accept this fact. We must move forward and rebuild the support system that our kids have based on the realities of today, not yesterday. School is no longer enough. We must give them more. Despite being the 21st Century, we still have the ability to create that proverbial-based “village” that our children need.

Was School Enough?
In a world long gone, educational enthusiasts designed a formal-based school system that would meet the economic-based demands associated with the industrial revolution. Now, let’s fast-forward to the 21st Century – today. In evaluating the current climate of global economics, the current educational system is unable to stay in line and up-to-date with our society – which is technologically advanced and hyper-connected. Our society is constantly evolving.

Now that school is out for summer (or for some, nearing that end), as a parent, ask yourself just one question; that is, “Was school enough for my child?” It is quite likely that your immediate response was a resounding, “No!” Now that you have accepted the fact that your child simply did not get all that they needed to get out of the school year, what are you going to do about it?

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