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Today’s Realities Force Parents to Let go of Yesterday’s Memories – Part 2

If you have returned for Part 2 of our series, Today’s Realities Force Parents to Let go of Yesterday’s Memories, it indicates that you are genuinely passionate about your child’s education. Additionally, you care about their well-being. You know and understand that today’s educational system is not providing what your child needs.

Last week, you learned that the proverbial “village” identified by the ancient Africans is just as important today as it was then; unfortunately, there has been a blatant separation of community from our schools. While we, as parents, still remain committed to working with schools, the community has broken away from the task. While community involvement was once a milestone of the academic school year, it is now a fleeting memory. As parents, it is our job to let go of those memories and focus on today’s realities. We have the capability of building that “village” of support that our children need. By following this series, you will learn how!

The Education System is Failing
It is a known fact that the education system is failing. The time that teachers have in the classroom is simply not enough to teach each child in the way that they require. As a result, there must be some degree of academic-based interaction outside of the classroom.

The schools are becoming overcrowded and budget cuts occur frequently throughout the school year. Today’s children require a vast amount of attention in order to succeed, but the excessive student populations, dwindling teacher positions, and the continual lack of funding makes this endeavor unrealistic.

Children are becoming increasingly savvy with technology. Unfortunately, schools are either teaching with too much technology, or, not enough. Parents must ensure that there is a middle-ground when it comes to traditional instruction and technological instruction.

These are the main reasons why the educational system is failing; however, there is still hope. If parents simply work to build a “village” for their child, it is quite likely that the child will go on to experience vast arrays of academic success.

We Must Give More to Children That Receive so Little
By this point in this series, you have likely determined that the school is just not providing enough to your child. You agree that the community is no longer actively involved with your child’s school and you know it is time to make a difference in your child’s life – especially as it pertains to their academic pursuits.

You are not as alienated from help as you may believe you are. Here at Miracle Math Coaching, we offer a wide range of support for students. We know and understand that “it takes a village” to properly raise and educate children.

We offer one-on-one tutoring services, educational coaching services, a wonderful math summer camp series, and multiple other products that will help your child performing optimally.


We are committed to helping you build that proverbial “village”. Let us help!

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