Building Your Child’s Schema

Building Your Child’s Schema During Spring Break

Spring break is a wonderful time of the year to build your child’s schema. A schema is a cognitive-based concept that aids a child in interpreting and organizing information. Children are consistently exposed to a vast array of information – especially in school. By focusing on building schemas in our kids, we are helping the child learn information that is necessary to their academic growth in a quick and fun way.

Schemas may also be identified as patterns of behaviors that may be repeated. As a parent, if you focus on encouraging a child to explore and even practice schemas, they will immediately become extremely knowledgeable about the world that they are part of and will also become more academically inclined. During spring break, focus on building your child’s schemas and it will keep your kid fresh on the concepts that they have been presented with in school.

Shape Your Child’s Experiences to Increase Their Academic Growth
We have always known that a child’s experiences have the ability to increase their academic growth. This is the purpose and intent behind schemas – to shape a child’s experiences in such a way that they grow in their academic knowledge. The secret of success when it comes to building a child’s schemas is to never inform them that the experiences that you are encouraging them to indulge in is for class. Instead, just approach the activities as something exciting and fun.

For example, if a child is learning about geometry in the classroom, you could take them to visit an architect, or to a site where a building is being constructed. You could even take them to visit an amusement park where engineers are responsible for designing and constructing the thrill rides! By indulging in these activities, your child will see geometry come to life – right before their eyes!

If your child is learning about measurements, there are many ways to build their schemas. First, you could take them to visit the kitchen of a famous chef. Many measurements abound in the kitchen environment! Not only would they get to meet someone famous, but, they can watch in amazement as various dishes are created.

In addition to this, you could take them to a local hospital. Here, they can learn about the measurements associated with the human body. For example, they could learn how many pints of blood are in the body, how long the intestines are, and how many miles of nerves are within the body.

All too often, learning is often associated with book work and worksheets; however, there is more to learning than this. This spring break, you should place a special emphasis on engaging in fun and exciting activities that will build the schemas of your child. Not only will this help in keeping your child fresh on the skills and concepts that they are learning in the classroom, but, it will allow you time to bond with your child.

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