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Help Your Child Achieve Academic Success in The New Year

Now that another year has come and gone, kids are returning back to school after a fun-filled, exciting holiday break; however, many are doing so with much less enthusiasm than that which they had at the start of the school year – back in the fall.

back to school

They are many reasons for this but the most common is that the child did not achieve the amount of success that they desired or their families pushed them to achieve in the first half of the school year.

As a result, a dark cloud of dread hangs over them when they re-enter the classroom. In this guide, you will learn how to help your child be successful in school.

Preparing a Child for Success

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Each and every single child has the power and ability to succeed in school and throughout their lives. As parents, we can help them.

The question is often, “How?”

This comes from knowing how a child learns and our ability to prepare them for success. To prepare your child for success, you must develop a positive attitude towards the process of learning and school.

This helps your child acquire the confidence that they need to learn the skills and concepts that they are presented with at school. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.

We should take an active role in their education, which means working with teachers, helping with studies, and becoming involved with the school that they attend.

Conversing with Your Child

To help your child succeed in school, take the time to talk with them and listen to them.

Communication in the household helps a child to develop language skills, helps them learn to speak up, teaches them how to listen, pay attention, and follow directions.

You should always pay attention to your child.

When they speak, stop and listen. Show them that they are valued. Ask questions, repeat for understanding, and encourage them to think critically about the topics that you discuss.

All of the communication skills that they pick up from your conversations will help them communicating more effectively in the classroom and optimize the amount of success that they experience in school.

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Encourage Reading

One of the most important skills that any child should have when it comes to achieving success in school is reading. You should make certain that you help your child develop critical reading skills. It does not matter if your child is struggling in math, social studies, science, or language arts, reading skills will help them improve in all of their core subjects, and more!

When developing your child’s reading skills, remember to encourage them to think about what they are reading. If you notice your child struggling, reach out to a tutor or academic coach.

Reading is a necessary skill – not just for school, but also for life.

Value Numbers

The next step in helping your child achieve success in school is to ensure that you place a high value on numbers. Math is exceptionally important; yet, for many students, it is the most difficult subject in school.

You should start by showing your child how numbers link to real-life situations and events. Examples include showing them how time and calendars work.

When cooking, outline how numbers play a role in the kitchen.

When shopping, teach them how numbers come into play when determining how much to buy and/or how much to spend.

If a child sees the relevance of math in their daily lives, they are likely to have a more solid appreciation for the subject.

Academic Coaches

Academic Coaching

If you see that your child struggles with school, you may want to enlist the assistance of an academic coach. This educational professional has the ability to evaluate your child to determine what skills and concepts are troubling them and to build on strengths and develop weaknesses.

Not only will they focus on that which is proving burdensome to your child, but they will also aid in enhancing reading skills, communication skills, and stressing the importance of numbers in our day-to-day lives.

Miracle Math Coaching

We here at Miracle Math Coaching specialize in helping struggling students.

We place a special emphasis on learning how your child learns and creating a customized program that will bring out the very best in them, as individuals.

Our methods are based on training the brain.

If you would like to see your child reach their potential, simply contact us today for more information


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