mom helping with math skills

Incorporating Math Skills into Daily Routines

According to research, children achieve higher academic success in any subject when parents, actively support learning. Math skills are no different. mom helping with math skills


In today’s world of accelerated learning and technological advancements, it is more important than ever before for adults to help by engaging in the effort to learn.

Our world is in high demand of strong math skills, both in everyday life and the workforce. These demands will continue to increase over the course of the lifetimes of our kids.

One of the best ways to improve math skills, help them love math, and aid in their learning, is to incorporate it into daily life. Math is everywhere, and it can be fun.

“Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty….” – Deepak Chopra

Tracking Time helps build Math Skills

As adults, it seems that we are always struggling to find time to do all that we need to do, or even want to do. Kids often experience the same issue.

To help your child learn how to identify ways that they are spending their time while building math skills, incorporate time tracking activities into their daily routines.

Not only will this help them identify methods for increasing their productivity, it introduces them to statistics, data analysis, improves critical thinking skills, and aids in allowing them to present their findings in a logical, organized manner.

Remember to incorporate watches, stopwatches, black paper, graph paper, rulers, and other measuring products to enhance time tracking activities.

Grocery Store Weigh-Ins

Grocery shopping is a wonderful means for kids to optimize their skills in measurement, adding, subtracting, and estimation.

To incorporate mathematics into your next grocery store trip, focus on weighing the fruits and measurements that are in the store. While in the produce section, inform your child that when you pay for the products in the department, the price is commonly based on weights.

Show your child the grocery scale, the signs, and allow them to pick products and weigh them. Then, encourage them to determine how much they would spend, based on the weights. Younger children could learn about shapes, which weighs more, and units of measurement in this activity.

Math Calculations

All electronic devices – computers, smartphones, tablets – have calculator functions that are heavily utilized by people of all ages.

Children must learn to use special functions on calculators and enhance their knowledge of the operations available through calculators.

Simply encourage them to use a calculator in games, in counting, to identify answers to various mathematical questions, and encourage them to explain their answer, once they obtain it.

Let Us Help
Is your child struggling with math? Do they not enjoy the subject? Let us help! We here at Miracle Math approach mathematics in a fun, positive way that encourages kids to want to learn. Simply contact our team today to learn how we can help your child for the rest of their tomorrows.

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