Deanna Hurn talking to Parents at Miracle Math Coaching

The Discovery Process Revolutionizes How We Learn

Here at Miracle Math Coaching, we offer a three-part discovery process that, literally, revolutionizes the learning process.

Deanna Hurn talking to Parents at Miracle Math Coaching

Throughout history, many developmental specialists and professionals in psychology have mistakenly believed that we all learn in the same way; however, recent studies have led to developments that conclude that no two people in the world learn in the same manner.

In order to truly revolutionize the learning process, there is a specially-designed discover process that allows you to obtain higher levels of knowledge in much less time. You no longer have to struggle to understand that which you must learn. We specialize in assisting children and teenagers in this process.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn….” – Benjamin Franklin

Step One: Assessment

The first step to our breakthrough discovery process is assessment. In short, this is a comprehensive evaluation to determine what your child needs, as a learner.

We provide a general one-on-one assessment that gauges the understanding of mathematics, English-based language arts, or both – depending on where they are experiencing academic challenges.

This assessment is based on the learning expectations associated with their grade level. It is a simple, easy, and highly engaging assessment that takes approximately one hour – per subject matter – to complete.

Step Two: Exploration

The second step to the discovery process for learning is identified as “exploration”.

During this process, our learning professional meets with both the student and their parent/guardian to discuss the outcome(s) of the assessment(s).

Additionally, this is the step where we attempt to become familiar with your child and who they are, as an individual. Many inquiries are made during this process.

The purpose of these inquiries is to create a customized learning plan for your child. This plan will include specialized coach assignments, session times, and the number of sessions required to optimize your child’s academic progress.

Step Three: Initializing Optimal Learning Through Discovery

The final step in the discovery process is initializing the learning process.

Once we’ve designed a specific plan, our special Student Services team creates a schedule that is appropriate for your family. Your child will start engaging in the learning process by learning more about themselves, the unique manner in which they learn, and the world around them.

The goal of the discovery process in learning is to deliver high-quality, brain-based learning experiences to each of our clients and their families. In addition to cultivating a high level of success in our students, we also work with a comprehensive team of support staff and educators.

I am not a teacher, but an awakener….” – Robert Frost

Getting Started

Our discovery learning process is a completely free service. It starts with a questionnaire that outlines you, your child, and their needs. It allows you to outline your main goals and any academic-based concerns that you have regarding your child. The evaluation and initial inquiry is at absolutely no charge, whatsoever. Immediately after, you will be provided with a customized learning plan and various services. It is at this point in which we review pricing models and success expectations.

If you are ready to see a drastic improvement in your child, get started now: Fill out the Assessment Form


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