How Tutoring Improves Self-Esteem and Confidence

There are many ways that tutoring improves the self-esteem and confidence of a child. For numerous students, high levels of self-esteem and confidence are naturally part of their personalities. Unfortunately, for those that struggle academically, self-esteem and confidence may quickly fade. When a child loses their confidence, they may also lose the ability to learn new material and succeed in an academic setting. In fact, students who have transitioned from struggling learners to self-confident learners through the use of tutoring services have stated that, before they started receiving their tutoring services, they often felt as if they were swimming upstream – consistently against the current – when it came to grasping the skills and concepts being introduced to them in the classroom. If your child is struggling academically, it is time for a tutor. Not only will they gain an effective understanding of their lessons, but, their confidence levels will increase and their self-esteem will improve. Tutoring Offers Individualized Attention and Instruction One of the main ways that tutoring helps in increasing a child’s self-esteem and building their confidence levels is through the process of offering individualized attention and instruction. A dedicated tutor will tailor their teaching based on the unique needs of the student in which they are working. This aids in tracking down the skills and concepts that the child misunderstands. In an environment where there is just the student and the tutor, a child is likely to feel more confident in expressing themselves and explaining what they do not understand about a particular subject. As a result of this, the tutor will be better able to explain to the student. As a result, it is likely that the student will better understand the material being reviewed. Naturally, when this level of understanding is reached, it will increase the child’s self-esteem and confidence. The Desire to Succeed Tutoring has been found to be highly effective in producing a desire to succeed; that is, as a child learns more and more, they will want to learn more and more. When students are taught in a comfortable environment and educated in a one-on-one environment, they will not only learn that which they do not understand, but, they will have the motivation to excel academically and learn more. In most instances, this will put them at a higher level than that of their peers. As they learn more and realize that they know more than their peers, the desire to learn will be increased. In turn, this will increase their self-esteem and confidence levels. Tutoring services not only provide a student with an individualized education plan that helps them to acquire the skills that are needed in the subject where they suffer, but, it provides them with the ability to increase their self-esteem and confidence levels. This is especially true if the academic subject being taught is mathematics. Math is a cumulative subject; that is, it builds on the skills that are taught. When a student struggles to comprehend one skill, they will continue to struggle; however, children who are provided with tutoring in this subject excel and learn to enjoy the subject. At Miracle Math, we use a trade secret approach to accurately match up the students to the coaches. This allows the students to enjoy and grow on an academic as well as a personal level. All of our coaches are professional educators with extensive training, who you can respect and trust. From children to teens to adults, your brain is never done learning. And that’s why we love it! Curious how your student’s brain works? Check out the free assessment to learn more or call us at (707) 398-3474.

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