The New SAT – Yikes! Miracle Math Coaching Offers Prep

March 2016 marks the release of the new SAT. According to information released from those that have designed this new test and those that have had the privilege of seeing the content of the new test, it is much different than the current SAT. In years past, this test included three different sections. The new version will only contain two. The first is identified as “Math” and the second is identified as “Reading and Writing”. Each of the sections will be scored using numeric figures from 200 all the way to 800. Instead of providing 5 total answers to choose from, test takers will now be provided with 4 possible answers. In essence, this will increase the odds of getting the correct answer. Furthermore, engaging in the act of guessing will no longer result in penalties and the essay that is currently required will now be designated as an option choice. Despite being seemingly easier with better odds, many families are quite nervous about the release of the new SAT. Change, after all, is hard. The good news is, Miracle Match Coaching is here to help! We now offer comprehensive prep sessions that will prepare test takers for the release of the new SAT!

The content that is included on the new SAT is derived, heavily, from the recent Common Core standards in both math and reading. These standards are based on the benchmarks in which most states have recently adopted and currently use in their academic curriculums. When it comes to math, this means that the vocabulary will be based more on the concepts utilized in both college and in professions and that the mathematical concepts will be a bit more in-depth than understanding basic concepts and skills. While the test does align much better with that which children are exposed to within the classroom, it may prove to be exceptionally difficult for those students that are already struggling in school.

Students that take the new SAT will have to read more than they have in the previous SAT. That is, there will be fewer equation-based problems and more word problems. Additionally, instead of providing outrageous story lines that often distract children, real-world examples will be provided with the problems. Overall, the math section represents a tighter level of focus. Math that directly pertains to geometry, for example, is going to fade out with the new SAT. Instead, more focus will be placed on algebra. This means that it is likely that test takers will have to answer problems that include variables, inequalities, and even linear equations.

In addition to increasing the amount of algebraic problems that will be placed on the new SAT, the test will also include more advanced mathematics. One such example is trigonometry and statistics. Instead of being allotted the use of a calculator, students will need to know how to obtain the answer to math problems by only using a pencil and paper. Miracle Math Coaching has been well-versed on what is to come on the new SAT and is standing by to assist you in the preparation of your child. We coach, we prep, and our students succeed! If you are ready to get your child ready for the new SAT, simply contact us today to learn more:

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