Prepping for the New SAT – Part 2

Thank you for continuing our series, Prepping for the New SAT. Last week, you learned that the new version of the SAT was released in March of 2016. You learned that the biggest change is the process of the concepts presented within the examination and the steps that students will be required to take in order to conclude a successful answer.

Students must answer questions in a linear and sequential fashion and process the information that is included on the test quickly.

Essentially, the SAT has been revised in order to keep pace with the learning speed and the style of today’s students. In our previous installment, you also learned about the major changes that are on the SAT.

This week, we will be providing you with some basic steps that may be taken to successfully prep for the exam.

Reading Prep
When taking the new SAT, the student will be presented with questions that are based on included passages and specific topics. The SAT has at least one passage pertaining United States or World literature. It will include two passages on history or social science.

It will also include two passages pertaining to science. The new test will include an emphasis on defining the vocabulary within context. The two new types of reading questions are evidence support and data reasoning.

When studying for this section of the test, be certain to read a variety of challenging content. You will be expected to define very difficult words based on their context. By exposing yourself to challenging content, you will be more likely to be successful in this aspect of the test.

Writing Prep
Unlike the old SAT, the new SAT will place a large amount of emphasis on the logic of ideas, the expression of ideas, high-level writing, and punctuation. All of the questions will include a passage. You should prep by learning the grammar rules of the English language. You should also practice writing organization and natural writing style.

On the essay question, you now have a total of 50 minutes; however, that does not mean it is easier. In fact, it is rather difficult. You will need to learn how to analyze how an author constructs an argument that is situated within a passage and write the essay in a highly analytical way.

To prep, learn how to deconstruct an argument in writing and practice explaining how the process works.

Math Prep
The new SAT includes a variety of multi-step questions. There is a section that no longer allows you to implement the use of a calculator, too. Additionally, you will be expected to answer a few very basic trigonometry questions, will need to interpret data and graphics, will need to solve equations, will need to know algebra, and will be able to provide answers to realistic-type scenarios.

To prep, you should ensure that you are comfortable with all of these topics and the ability to solve problems both with and without the use of a calculator.

There are many ways to prep for the new SAT. According to research, the new SAT is similar to the ACT. As a result of this fact, you should prep by working through any ACT study guides and practice tests that you may be able to get your hands on.

Additionally, you may also enlist the assistance of a tutor or a tutoring program in order to successfully prep for the new SAT.

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