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5 Homework Tips That Will Boost Your Child’s Memory

Working memory refers to how we retain and directly work with the information that is stored in the short-term memory. Help your child experience long-term success with these 5 homework tips that will boost your child’s memory.

Young Child Reading

Memory is crucial to constructing a solid foundation of learning. It helps children in the classroom environment, and beyond. By optimizing a child’s working memory, they will do better while at school, perform optimally on their tests, and achieve the highest academic marks.

Despite popular belief, we are not born with sharp skills in memory. These types of skills are developed. The more they are used, the more they improve.

We can change the brain by changing the mind…”Richard Davidson

Tip #1: Focus on Visualization Skills

As your child is working on their homework, encourage him or her to create a mental picture of that which they have read or heard during the process. This will boost the visualization skills, which will aid in recalling information at a later time.

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Tip #2: Encourage Your Child to Teach You

According to research, we learn 98% of that which we teach. If you are trying to boost your child’s working memory, have them teach you what they are learning during homework sessions. The act of teaching the information helps the brain make sense of the information. The more that information makes sense, the better they will be at recalling that information when it becomes necessary.

Tip #3: Encourage the Process of Active Learning

As your child learns various topics, have them engage in conversations about those topics. Ask questions that not only require the child to recall that which they have seen or heard, but also requires them to think critically about the subject matter. This will get the mind to working and the memory to retaining.

Tip #4: Use All of the Senses

If you take a multisensory approach to learning, the child will become more engaged with the subject matter. Use sight, sound, touch, and the rest of the senses. Make conversations, use props, teach your child in a unique manner. If a child engages with the subject in multiple ways, they will connect with it on a more comprehensive and personal level; therefore, improving their working memory.

Doing Homework using graphic help

Tip #5: Use Memory Boosting Games and Tricks

Finally, when working to activate and improve the working memory, have your child use memory boosting games and tricks to retain the information that they review during homework sessions. These aid in optimizing your child’s executive functioning skills. It helps make associations that connect all of the information that they review during homework sessions. Additionally, these games and tricks are also fun and exciting for your child. Games and tricks make learning engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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