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How Do I Help My Child Prepare for The California State Test?

Spring is fast approaching and it is more important than ever to help your child prepare for the California state educational testing referred to as the “Smarter Balanced” testing system.


What is the Smarter Balanced State Test?

The Smarter Balanced state test is an educational assessment that uses computer-adaptive testing measures combined with performance-based tasks that helps students to convey that which they know and are capable of doing, in terms of English and mathematics. It is fully based upon the skills and concepts associated with the Common Core State Standards. It includes the summative and interim assessments, as well as the Digital Library, which includes the tools for formative assessment.

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice…”Brian Herbert

How Can I Help My Child Get Ready for the State Test?

To ensure that your child is properly prepared for the California state-based educational test, you should have your child take the three-part discovery assessment. This process aids in determining what your child needs in terms of academic learning through the means of a specifically-developed test.

The second part of the discovery process involves meeting with an educational professional to interpret the results of the initial test and creating a customized learning plan for your child.

Finally, your child will take part in the activities and sessions outlined in the learning plan.

How Can I Help in Boosting My Child’s Ability to Learn and Retain Information?

Throughout history, it has been believed that humans – as a whole – learn in specific ways; however, new research has established that no two brains are exactly alike.

The brain is capable of change based on the specific and unique demands in which it is presented.

This is professionally termed as “plasticity”.

It is the process where the body creates new neural-based connections and strengthens them. To boost your child’s ability to learn and retain information, you must make certain that the circumstances of their educational environment are conducive to improving the overall level of functionality of the brain.

He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger…”Confucius

What Types of Activities Improve Brain Functionality?

If you are boosting your child’s ability to learn and retain information so that they may score high on the Smarter Balanced California state testing, you should start by ensuring optimal nutritional health, high levels of physical activity, and a proper sleep schedule.

Additionally, you may ensure that they are socially active, emotionally intellectual, engage them in learning sessions with tutors and children their age, and academic coaching sessions that are tailored for them, as individuals.

What Can I Do Today to Prepare My Child for Testing?

If you are ready to start preparing your child now for the state testing, you should start – as previously mentioned – with the three-part learning discovery process.

Simply visit Miracle Math Coaching and fill out a brief questionnaire about your child.

One of our highly-trained educational coaches will review the information that you provide and will contact you directly on steps that may be taken to optimize the learning and retention process for your child.

Simply click on the following link now to get started:

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