boy with backpack going to school

5 Tips for Getting Kids Back into the School Routine

With empathy, understanding, positive reinforcement, and a little structure, you can easily help your child get back into the school routine.

boy with backpack going to school

Summer break is always a time of mixed emotions.

The lazy days of the season are exciting and enjoyable in that they typically do not require the use of an alarm clock, a constant heap of laundry that requires immediate attention, keeping up on school supplies, or having to consistently review skills and concepts.

As summer comes to a close and school start dates start lingering overhead, all of this is about to be your “norm”.

While we are often saddened by the close of the summer break, the routine required for the school year does result in an easier, more structured life.

Here, you will learn 5 tips that will help get your kids back into the school routine. They are likely to help you, too!

  1. Validate and Display Empathy Towards Your Child’s Feelings – Kids are always usually a bit hesitant about the start of the new school year. Apprehension is very common. Be certain to start the process by being empathetic to your child’s feelings and let them know that you, too, are experiencing the same; however, between the both of you, you will make it through.
  2. The Morning Routine – One of the most productive ways to get ready for the new school year is to outline and set expectations regarding the morning routine. First, you should explain ways they can prepare for their mornings before school. For example, outline the time that they will need to wake up, encourage them to set out their clothes and school items the night before, and determine if they will need to shower the night before or the morning. If your child is young, you should consider making a visual guide. If they are older, you can work together to make a chart or list of activities to be done to make the morning routine easier. You should have them start waking up at the time that they will need to at least two weeks prior to the start of school.
  3. The Homework Schedule – The next way to prepare for the upcoming school routine is to set a homework schedule. You may work together to determine the best times for this routine. Ideally, it should be set at a time when you will be available to assist them.
  4. The Bed Time Schedule – Most children stay up a bit later during the summer months. It is important to transition them into their school bedtime at least two weeks prior to their first day of school.
  5. Set Up Academic Coaching – To help transition your child back into school, you should set up academic coaching sessions. Not only will this help them stay up on the skills and concepts that were covered in the previous school year, but, it will help in preparing them for that which they will learn in the upcoming school year.
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