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Support Homeschooling with Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a specially-designed educational program for the student that has a desire to gain a comprehensive understanding of the material being covered in their grade level. If you currently homeschool or are planning on homeschooling in the fall, this type of coaching may prove to be highly beneficial to your child’s success.

Home Schooled child working on a lesson

The Academic Coach

A professional academic coach is similar to that of a personal health trainer. This highly educated and certified professional specializes in providing guidance to the student that is seeking to enhance their cognitive abilities.

They offer mental workouts, provide high levels of support, and customize the weight load of the skills and concepts presented. Instead of physical fitness, the academic coach specializes in learning fitness, which strengthens the mind and optimizes cognitive understanding.

Brain-Based Learning

If you educate your child at home, you understand that each person learns in a unique way. Academic coaches utilize brain-based learning strategies to understand how your child learns.

Essentially, this consists of various types of teaching methods, programs, and lesson designs based on scientific research to bring out the various best in each student.

Brain-based learning states that students learn in different ways as they get older, increase their social experiences, emotionally mature, and enhance their cognitive skills. If you are in search of an academic coach to supplement your homeschooling program, it is imperative to opt for those that utilize brain-based learning principles.

Conventional Learning No Longer Effective

The academic coaches that specialize in brain-based learning are motivated by the standard belief that all learning can be instantaneously accelerated and drastically improved if those that specialize in education base their methods and strategies on the science associated with learning, rather than on the traditional and/or conventional teaching practices and conventions of the past.

Conventional learning states that intelligence is fixed throughout one’s lifetime; however, today’s academic coaches focus on the established fact that the brain undergoes many physical changes when it indulges in the learning process and that the functionality of the brain is optimized when it is tailored to the student, not the grade level expectations.

This non-conventional educational strategy is optimal for the homeschool student seeking to optimize their academic success.

Illustration of Brain.

Neuroplasticity a Main Focus

When working with an academic coach to supplement your homeschooling, you will immediately discover that the professional places a special emphasis on neuroplasticity.

This is a concept that states that as a student learns new skills, experiences new things, and practices concepts, the neural connections within the brain undergo changes.

Additionally, these neural connections remap themselves and engage in various types of reorganization so that the brain is able to retain and completely comprehend that information. Academic coaches customize their curriculum and the strategies that they utilize with the homeschool students so that the neuroplasticity of their brain is optimized to ensure high levels of educational success.

By placing an emphasis on brain-based learning tactics and techniques, the academic coach is able to improve the neuroplasticity of the brain; therefore, improving a child’s academic success.


The Difference Between a Tutor and an Academic Coach

Many individuals utilize the terms “tutor” and “coach” interchangeably; however, there is a difference between the two. While both offer benefits to the homeschool student, it is important to learn who does what and how they will help your child.

The tutor sets specific session goals for the student; however, the academic coach does not. Instead, the academic coach will allow the student to lead the session that they engage in.

Coaches do not put a lot of effort into pre-planned, standard lessons like tutors do; instead, the customize the learning opportunity based on the child. An academic coach is a partner in the educational system, whereas the educational tutor is a director of the educational system.

Visions and Miracle Math Come Together

Miracle Math Coaching is now a vendor with Visions in Education. Visions and Miracle Math have now collaborated to provide homeschooling families with the brain-based learning techniques that will help students reach their fullest potential. If you currently homeschool or will homeschool in the fall, you should consider the many advantages of utilizing Miracle Math Coaching to help your student excel in all areas of their education.

Miracle Math enlists the most passionate individuals to mentor students of all ages. They will create a customized educational plan that will help your student improve on their weaknesses and build on their strengths.

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