Image: A mom balances working from home with educating her child. Learn how to overcome homeschool burnout.

How To Conquer Homeschool Burnout During Coronavirus

Many of us have had to learn to be both teachers and parents during the Coronavirus outbreak. If you have found yourself overwhelmed balancing homeschooling your children with other commitments like working from home, you’re not alone. This is a trying time for many of us, and it’s one we will get through together. We have a few tips to help parents overcome homeschool burnout and stress.

Four Ways To Prevent Homeschool Burnout

#1: Set Flexible Expectations

Our work and school days have changed dramatically. It’s okay if our expectations of our kids and ourselves do too. Being a parent can be challenging on the best days, and now you may be juggling teaching your kids, working from home, and managing stress during a crisis. It’s a lot. Not every day is going to be perfect, or follow a perfect schedule. Be flexible with the expectations you have for yourself and your family.

If you’re worried your children will fall behind, our coaches are always here for you to help your kids catch up or get ahead.

#2: Set A Schedule That Works For You

Your new daily routine doesn’t have to look exactly like a traditional school day. If you’re sharing a computer, schedule out times for kids to trade off working on homework or Zoom with their classmates. If you need your kids to play outside or in the living room while you take a business call in the morning so that you can focus on school with them in the afternoon, that’s perfect. 

Structure and consistency are important for kids in a time of uncertainty, but it’s important that it be a structure that works for you. If setting a schedule has been a challenge, our coaches can help! 

#3: It’s Okay To Expand Screen Time Limits

Your kids may be finding themselves on their tablets or the TV more and more as we juggle working from home with parenting and teaching. That’s okay. There are even some great ways to structure this expanded screen time so that it’s educational and productive! 

We have online learning available from Miracle Math, and many apps and other organizations are offering resources for families as well. For example, Sacramento’s local PBS station has expanded its programming to include kid-friendly educational content throughout the day.

#4: Take A Break

Homeschooling can be overwhelming, for both parents and children. Taking a break can benefit both you and your child, and help you both feel more refreshed. Try taking a walk or playing in the backyard together! You may also try scheduling video calls for your kids with your support network. Have your brother whip out his guitar and play a little show for them, or set aside time for them to have a video chat with Grandma and Grandpa.

This is a challenging time, and you’re doing amazing! Homeschooling can feel overwhelming, but by taking things one day at a time and leaning on the right resources, we’ll all navigate this period together. If you’re struggling, reach out to Miracle Math. Our coaches would love to become part of your support network. Sign up for online learning today.

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