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California Colleges Now Place a High Level of Importance on SATs for Admission

It is a known fact among all students that the SAT is a highly daunting academic examination. If your teenager has their sights set on attending college, it is imperative that they take the SAT.

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The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test that individuals in high school take prior to starting the college application process. While most colleges agree that the score received on this test is crucial to the application process, most colleges in the State of California agree that it is the single most important component of a student’s application.

As a result of this fact, it is crucial that you and your high schooler take every step necessary to properly prepare for this standardized test. In this guide, you will learn about the SAT and its overall importance.

What is the SAT?

This standardized test is an entrance examination utilized by most of the colleges and universities throughout the United States for the purpose and intent of making decisions about the admissions process. It is created by the College Board.

It is a multiple-choice test that is completed using paper and pencil. The purpose of the examination is to determine a student’s level of readiness for college.

If a student scores high, they are more likely to be accepted and have various college payment options available to them.


What is Included on the SAT?

The SAT includes two different sections. The first is math and the second is reading and writing.

In some instances, an essay section may be included, but this is generally considered to be “optional”; however, there may be some colleges that make the essay section mandatory to be considered for admissions.

In total, the test lasts 3 hours. If the essay portion is taken, an additional 50 minutes is allowed to complete that section, totaling 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Colleges Place a Lot of Value on Scores Because of Their Statistics

Every college has a yearly statistic for SAT scores. While the college will look at the test taker’s score to judge whether or not they are ready for admissions, they also consider the impact that the score will have on their school profile. The public then uses the information on the profile of the school to determine if it is a “good” school.

Ivy League schools, for example, will only have their eye out for the “best of the best”. So, before your high schooler takes this test, it is important to make sure that they are fully prepped and prepared.

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Many Scholarships are Based on Scores

The next reason why SAT scores are so important is the fact that they can actually help your high schooler obtain money for their college education because many scholarships only reward those with exceptionally high scores.

Having a top score could truly offset the hefty expenses associated with college. Many students have even received all of the funding that they required to complete all of their college courses by simply acing the SAT.

Most California Colleges Require SAT Scores

If your teenager wants to attend college in the State of California, they will be required to have taken the SAT. In fact, most of the colleges and universities throughout the country require SAT scores. In some instances, ACT scores may be accepted; however, the SAT is truly “where it’s at” when it comes to the application and admissions process.

This is one of the main reasons why taking the SAT and scoring high is very important to today’s high schoolers seeking to advance their education.

Many Employers Want SAT Scores

Now, this is a relatively new concept, but many of today’s employers actually request a person’s SAT scores when considering hiring that individual. It does not matter if the test was recently taken or it was taken decades prior to applying for a job. The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores that your high schooler earns today will follow them for all of their tomorrows.

As a result, they must be adequately prepped and score as high as possible. Examples of many of the employers that have requested SAT scores of applicants include Bain & Co., Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., McKinsey & Co., Whitehouse Pimms, D.E Shaw Group, the Boston Consulting Group, Inc., and Cvent Inc.

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Prepping for the SAT

If your student is gearing up to take the SAT, it is essential that they prep for it – especially in terms of mathematics. While considered to be generally light when it comes to trig and geometry, it is heavy in algebra. It is best to enlist the assistance of an academic coach that can focus on the mathematical concepts covered on the examination.

If your high schooler has a solid understanding of algebraic concepts, they are sure to score high on the SAT; however, skills and concepts from other mathematics should also be reviewed and mastered to ensure optimal levels of success.

The SAT is reading heavy. Your high schooler will be subjected to a multitude of passages, grammar, and vocabulary. To properly prepare, ensure that your child reads as much as possible – both fiction and nonfiction.

An academic coach will be able to help a student identify critical words in a passage, think critically about determining the answer to questions pertaining to those passages, and help boost the vocabulary. While it is possible that your student may be able to prep on their own, professional assistance is advised.

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