studying for test

Miracle Math Coaching Now Offering a Full-Line of Test Prep Services

Today’s world is academically competitive. As a result, more and more students are engaging in a new phenomenon that has the potential to “make” or “break” their future. That is, studying immensely for standardized tests.

studying for test

While each student has their own aspirations – in terms of their education and their future career – the standardized tests that they take will help in opening the doors that they can walk through in experiencing success.

It takes more than simply memorizing facts to succeed with these tests.

It also takes knowing how to study appropriately to make the most of each session.

Here at Miracle Math, you can get the tools, resources, and skills that you need to achieve the highest level of success on your test- regardless of which test you are taking.

Tests That We Help With

Many mistakenly believe that we simply help in mastering the mathematics portion of standardized tests.

While it is true that this is our main area of focus and can help your student become a mathematical master, there are several tests that we can help your child prepare for. These currently include the following:

  • The SAT
  • The ACT
  • The ASVAB
  • The CSET I
  • The CSET II
  • Screenings Conducted for Employment Purposes

The Subjects We Focus On

While math is the core of what we specialize in, we also help in other areas of academics. These include reading comprehension, all levels of the English Language Arts, and we help those that are striving to learn the English Language.

In terms of our math preparation, we specialize in all branches. These include the following:

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Elementary Math
  • Geometry
  • Middle School Math
  • Statistics
  • And, more!

Regardless of what subject your child needs help in, we can help! We simply conduct a learning discovery assessment that helps us determine a customized plan of action for your child.


What is the Learning Discovery Assessment?

Our learning discovery assessment is a free evaluation that helps us determine the academic strengths and weaknesses of your child.

We here at Miracle Math Coaching know and understand that no two brains are identical. As a result, we all learn differently.

The brain is a comprehensive organ that is consistently growing, evolving, and learning.

It has the capability of changing to adjust to the experiences that we each have, the skills that we possess, and our general level of understanding.

This is why it is critical that each child is evaluated – as an individual.

The information that is gathered in the learning discovery assessment helps us discover who the student is, exactly how they retain and recall information, and those areas in which they struggle. We will then meet with both you and your child to discuss the results and offer various learning plans. You will then choose one of those plans.

Once the child starts working with us within that plan, we will incorporate different types of teaching methods, programs, lessons, and services that will create the regimen that will help your child properly prepare for their standardized test.


Brain-Based Learning

We use various principles and purposefully and comprehensively apply those principles to ensure that the brain is leaning and in an optimal fashion.

The strategies that we use to prepare for your child for their standardized testing are pulled from specialists in psychology, the neurosciences, and cognitive-based science.

Educators believe that this is the most structured and comprehensive technique associated with educating both young children and teenagers.

In a world that is ever-evolving and an environment where academic success is a must for lifelong success, brain-based learning is the best teaching strategy utilized by today’s academic coaches.

Start Today

While all of our coaches excel in academics, test prep is our specialty. We have the experience, skill set, knowledge, and the enthusiasm that it takes to ensure your child scores high on their standardized tests.

It does not matter if this is their first attempt or they have tried multiple times, we stand by the fact that we offer guaranteed results.

If your child has a test coming up, we encourage you to sign up for our test preparation services as quickly as possible.

We commit to providing your child with a comprehensive, customizable, unique learning experience that will provide them with the best advantage over their peers – in terms of standardized test scores and their general academic success.

If you are ready for your child to achieve the best scores in school and on their tests, contact us today at:


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