Miracle Math Offers One-on-One Tutoring for your Homeschooled Children

Growth Trends in homeschooling is creating a demand for educational tutoring. Miracle Math offers these services during traditional school hours in Fairfield, California.

Parents looking for the convenience and benefits of tutoring can enhance their child’s academic success.

What is Miracle Math?

Miracle Math is a highly reputable, one-on-one, math-focused center for tutoring, located in Fairfield, California.

We place a special emphasis on brain-based learning.

This type of learning utilizes core concepts in cognitive-based sciences to gain a comprehensive understanding of how each student learns, as an individual. We not only have the skills to determine what your child requires as a student, but, we are highly passionate in ensuring that each child achieves the highest level of success possible.

We exceed educational standards in that we do not simply “teach” a child; we actually mold a child in such a way that they are physiologically, psychologically, and cognitively able to absorb the skills, knowledge, and experiences in which they are introduced to consistently learn and expand the capabilities of their mind.

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching is designed to collaborate two things – grade level material and the learning capabilities of the child.

A specially-trained academic coach is assigned to your child.

This professional conducts a personalized assessment of your child, customizes the curriculum based on how your child learns, and optimizes your child’s learning experience by offering mental workouts, which will strengthen their mind, improve the overall health of their mind, and optimize the cognitive-based understanding of the mind.

While these services have been previously offered, many homeschool families have found it extremely difficult to obtain access to academic coaching during traditional school hours. Now, that has all changed. We here at Miracle Math have discovered a need and we have now created a program that is designed to fill that need.

help children succeed in school

Homeschooling Becoming Increasingly Popular in the United States

Homeschooling is more than a choice, it is a movement. This parent or guardian-led educational option was once considered “alternative”. Now it’s becoming “mainstream”.

Many believe that homeschooling is the single, most beneficial form of education in the country today.

As of 2016, there were approximately 2.3 million students being educated at home. Now, that figure is estimated to be – at least – 3 million and is expected to continue to rise. Growth in homeschooling has increased from 2% to 10%, in just a matter of a couple of years.

In the adult population, at least 3.5 were homeschooled for at least a year between their kindergarten and 12th grade years. Many were homeschooled between 6 and 8 years.

If the number of today’s adults that experienced homeschooling were added to the amount that is currently being homeschooled, at least 6 million people in America have received some type of experience in the homeschooling environment. As each year passes, this number will continue to increase.

Why is Homeschooling So Popular Now?

No family homeschools their child for just one reason. In fact, most families have more than one reason when it comes to electing to educate their child at home.

One of the most popular reasons is that it provides families with an educational choice.

They can decide when and how to educate their child, without being dependent upon a governmentally-created curriculum or political agenda. The following outlines other reasons why families choose to educate their kids:

  1. They have the capability of customizing the learning environment for their child.
  2. They are able to provide their child with one-on-one teaching, which helps them to accomplish more, academically.
  3. They are able to use an educational approach of their own choosing.
  4. Families are able to increase the amount of time that they spend together.
  5. The home is a much safer environment than a traditional school environment, especially with the recent increase in bullying and school-related violence.
  6. If parents want to teach their kids certain values, specific beliefs, or a set standard in overall views, they have the ability to do so.
  7. They have a desire to ensure that their child receives the most comprehensive education possible.


We Support Homeschooling

While it is true that we support traditional educational venues, we here at Miracle Math also support the homeschooling movement. We customize our academic coaching sessions so that they are individualized for your child and the expectations, wishes, and beliefs of your family.

If you require additional support, we can provide it and guarantee exceptional results. To learn more visit:

Tutoring for Homeschoolers

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