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The Benefits of Learning Outside the Classroom

According to numerous studies, it’s been proven that we all learn in a unique manner. Yet, we can all agree on one thing. The benefits of learning outside the classroom are innumerable. Your child can learn every day, in every situation…

child with colored hands outside

The parent, teacher or tutor that places an emphasis on educating a child is reflective, attentive, and always striving to reach a child on a deep level. This will positively influence cognitive functioning and the learning process.

Regardless of the individual’s past experiences, educational beliefs, or successes with in-class techniques, all recognize that learning outside the classroom has major benefits.

Traditionally speaking, the classroom is the academic setting. Bulletin boards, posters, letters, words, and numbers outline the walls that surround the desks. The place where most children spend 4 to 6 hours each day… sitting, listening, watching.

Is this an engaging environment? It can be, but for the highest level of effective learning, no. The teacher leads the sessions. The students are onlookers. There isn’t an overabundance of engagement in a school setting.

This is why learning outside the classroom is important.

Outside learning takes a child out of the educational “closet” – so to speak – and places them directly into the “real” world. Students have been found to better grasp skills and concepts that are presented to them directly and in context. When children are  “hands on”,  it allows them to reach an entirely new level of understanding.

Here are some engaging things you can do with your children to help them learn every single day.

Outside Learning… Literally

It’s in a chiles very nature to explore and be tactile. Teachers may not always have the freedom to create interactive lessons, or take their lessons outdoors.  Going outside engages the child and gets them excited about the skills and concepts being presented. The lesson is more memorable and the child is likely to retain more in this environment.

Group of children playing in autumn leaves

A parent or a homeschooled child has more options. Physical outside play can help a child learn about the world around them, but it also can help students optimize both their mental and physical health. Kids are permitted to move around, interact with their surroundings, and get more oxygen into their body. When oxygen reaches the brain, it opens it up and makes it more receptive for learning. Sunshine is a natural mood enhancer. Engaging in new opportunities make kids happier. All in all, the outdoor experience provides the perfect setting for the excitement of learning.

Take your child away from the traditional educational environment and move them out into the real world. Not only will they learn more and more easily, you will discover that they actually enjoy it!

If you would like to learn a few tips and tricks that will help your child succeed academically, contact us here at Miracle Math today. By tomorrow, you will be thoroughly pleased that you made the choice!

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