Academic Coaching and Social Interaction for Homeschoolers During School Hours

Through history, most homeschoolers face the challenge of finding academic coaching and other forms of educational guidance during school hours. Those that provide these services were usually part of the brick and mortar school system. It was also challenging for homeschooling families to find other homeschooling families to interact with because the act of educating a child at home was not as mainstream. Many kids fell behind – both socially and academically. We have developed a solution.

At Miracle Math Coaching, we’re proud to offer individualized academic coaching and social interaction with coaches and other homeschooled children during traditional school hours in our Fairfield, CA location.

Our new comprehensive coaching program is designed specifically for homeschool students. When you sign your child up, we start by determining the unique method that your child’s brain uses to learn. We then explain this to you – as a family – and work closely with all of you to create a customized learning plan that will optimize your child’s academic performance. We then offer one-on-one coaching, provide educational services, and high levels of support. Additionally, our high-quality instruction helps students “hack” their brain in order to achieve the highest levels of success. Furthermore, we offer workshops for parents that are seeking to achieve success in homeschooling their child. It does not stop there, though.

We understand that – as a homeschool family – your child likely experiences barriers to socially interacting with other students during traditional school hours.

As a result, we have created special workshops and other social activities that helps to bring together homeschool students while other kids are in their brick and mortar schools.

We even offer programs and special events that allow all members of homeschooling families to come together, learn, socialize, and get to know one another. Not only is this type of socialization necessary, positive, and enriching for your child, they are necessary, positive, and enriching for you, too!

As a homeschooling family, you likely use a customized curriculum to educate your child. We fully support this.

In fact, we are firm believers that your child’s curriculum and coaching program should be fully customized in such a way that it recognizes their strengths, helps them build on their weaknesses, and ensures that their brain is learning in a way that is right for them.

We perform a variety of assessments on your child and work to completely personalize the academic coaching program that we offer to ensure that your student is absorbing the information that they need to achieve the highest level of academic success possible.

We here at Miracle Math Coaching offer heart-led coaching, deep connections, and training that is designed to enhance the brain of each and every student. We strive to see your student succeed.

To learn how to get involved in our specially-designed homeschool program, contact us directly today by calling: 707-398-3474

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