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Visions in Education, a Tuition-Free Public School, Provides Enriching Educational Experiences to Students and Families.

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If you are in search of a free school that offers high-quality educational curriculum that optimizes academic success, look no further than Visions in Education.

What is Visions in Education?

Visions in Education is a public charter school that offers a curriculum that is high in quality, at absolutely no charge to families. It offers three distinct programs – Independent Study, Home School, and University Prep.

Currently, there are in excess of 5,500 students enrolled with the school over a span of the nine counties that it currently serves. In the Sacramento Valley area and the Pacific Coast, Visions in Education is considered to be the leading charter school.

How Does the Process of Enrollment Work?

Visions in Education has a large team of teachers with exceptional credentials in education. In order to start the process of enrollment, you will meet with one of these professionals.

You may elect to meet within your home, or another designated area of your choice. A personalized educational plan is created for your child.

This will ensure that your child achieves the highest level of success and will reach graduation on time.

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Why Should I Choose Visions in Education?

There are numerous advantages to electing to enroll your child with Visions in Education. This public charter school offers the highest level of flexibility of any other program in the area.

The combination of exceptional curriculum, cutting-edge technology, and personalized attention makes this a wonderful choice for the student that is struggling, the student that simply wants a more personal approach to education, and the student who has a desire to exceed expectations.

Additionally, Visions in Education offers the following:

  • Students are provided with materials and services, at absolutely no charge
  • Students may set their own hours
  • The teachers will come directly to your home
  • Each educational plan is tailored to the student, not the state-wide grade standards
  • Students will be able to work with their teacher one-on-one

What Types of Values Does Visions in Education Have?

Visions in Education knows and understands that we are in a rapidly evolving world and that today’s students must be equipped with the skills to succeed in this landscape.

They base their curriculum and their personalized dealings with students and families on numerous values.

These include learning, relationships, integrity, accountability, innovation, respect, and service. All of the professionals with Visions in Education are dedicated to ensuring that each student is provided with excellence and achieves excellence.


Educational Enrichment

Visions in Education believes that academic success is crucial to life success. The school collaborates with various vendors for educational enrichment. Students may receive special and individualized tutoring, engage in computer coding, learn music, practice martial arts, take field trips, and a wide range of other activities.

Miracle Math Coaching is one of the vendors currently working with Visions in Education to ensure academic success.

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