Adult Learning Services

Adult Learning Services for College Prep and Career Advancement

Are you are an adult learner preparing to enter college? You may require adult learning services such as assistance in preparing for certain types of assessments, like the ASVAB or licensing requirements for a profession. Or do you simply have a desire to advance in your career? You will be pleased to know that we here at Miracle Math Coaching offer adult learning services. These services will aid in your overall success in your chosen educational endeavor. Continue reading to learn how we can assist you.

Adult Learning Services

What are Adult Learning Services?

The adult learning services that we offer here at Miracle Math Coaching are individually-created academic-focused opportunities that are designed to improve skills in educational environments, in the workforce, and within the community. We know and understand that adult learners obtain knowledge and apply it in a different manner than that of younger counterparts.

This scientifically-proven fact has aided us in our creation of academic programs for adults. It does not matter if you wish to complete your high school education, master certain skills, advance in your career, enter the military, start college, prepare for college assessments, or obtain licensure in your profession, we can help you achieve the success that you desire.

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Characteristics of the Adult Learner

In our research and experience, we have found that adult learners are most self-guided when it comes to learning. They not only bring more to situations where learning occurs, but they also expect more. This stems from a wide range of life experiences. Adult learners have greater experience than younger learners. As a result of this, they are able to take away more from the services that we provide. In addition to this, we know the following of adult learners:

  • The adult learner has obtained a wide range of knowledge-based on years of experience in various subjects.
  • Adults who come into our program have established opinions, belief systems, and unique values.
  • Adults prefer self-directed learning to micromanaged learning.
  • Adult learners approach learning in a problem-centered manner.
  • Adult learners prefer “how to” and direct approaches to learning.
  • Each adult learner has their own learning style due to the fact that their experiences have resulted in differences through the aging process.

Our Teaching Strategies

We know and understand – as an adult learner – that you have other responsibilities apart from attending academic coaching sessions. This is why we attempt to maximize the time that you spend with us and provide you with a wide range of services and resources that will aid in the learning process.

This starts with customizing your coaching sessions based on your individual needs and goals. Once we have created a customized academic coaching program for you, we engage in a multitude of teaching strategies that will aid in your overall success. These include – but, are not limited to – the following:

  • We will present you with a variety of open-ended questions so that we may develop an understanding of your unique knowledge and the experiences that you have had.
  • We will provide continuous opportunities for open dialogue. This not only helps us understand you better, but it will help you understand the content that is delivered at a greater depth of understanding.
  • We treat your questions, comments, and concerns with the highest level of respect.
  • We design the coaching sessions so that you may be fully engaged in the learning process.
  • We approach each session with a variety of media and activities to ensure that our lessons complement each learning style.
  • We offer a flexible schedule so that learners may attend at times of convenience.
  • Our teaching approaches are oriented towards the direct application rather than towards the theory behind the concepts presented.
  • We customize each coaching session based on that which is needed by the adult learner.
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In Conclusion

We here at Miracle Math Coaching specialize in providing academic coaching for adult learners that will empower those learners in a multitude of subjects and settings.

It does not matter if you want to get your GED, your trade requires you to take a standardized test to become licensed, you are a firefighter, law enforcement officer, electrician, or work in the medical field and are seeking to advance in your career or take an assessment, we can help you.

We cover a variety of subjects including – but not limited to – Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics. If you seek academic support, we are here for you. Simply contact us today for more information.