Five Things You Didn’t Know about Black History Month

The next time you’re driving through an intersection, you can thank Garrett Morgan for the stoplight that’s keeping that semi-truck from broadsiding you.  If the street is swept clean of fast-food bags and dirty newspapers, you can thank Charles Brooks for assembling the first street sweeper.

 And if you’re munching potato chips while you drive, you can thank Charles Crum for creating the salty snack.

February is Black History Month, when we learn about politicians, scientists, scholars, artists, and inventors – like Morgan, Brooks and Crum – who are black.  It’s a time to celebrate the contributions of African Americans to our country.  Here are 5 facts you probably don’t know about Black History Month:

  1. The man who founded the observance was the son of slaves who went on to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard University.  Carter G. Woodson, an African-American historian and educator, founded Black History Week in 1926, and the honor was extended to a month 50 years later. 
  2. Woodson chose the second week in February because it contained the birthdays of two individuals who were key to the emancipation of slaves – President Abraham Lincoln (born on February 12th) and Abolitionist Frederick Douglass (born on February 14).
  3. The United States isn’t the only country to celebrate Black History Month.  Canada observes it in February, and the United Kingdom does so in October.
  4. The month carries a theme every year, and for 2022, it’s “A Century of Black Life, History, and Culture.”  Celebrations nationwide will focus on accomplishments made by black people since 1915.
  5. You can learn more about black history locally at the Solano County Library, which will host a month of activities that include quilting, book signings, lectures, genealogy events and more.

Fairfield Civic Center Library

1150 Kentucky Street

Fairfield, Calif. 94533

(866) 57-ASKUS

The Museum of the African Diaspora (MOAD) is well worth the trek to San Francisco   for a phenomenal black history experience.  MOAD is a three-story exhibit space of art,  music and stories detailing the African experience around the world.

 Museum of the African Diaspora

685 Mission Street (at Third)

San Francisco, Calif. 94105

(415) 358-7200

While you’re in San Francisco, stop by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Waterfall.  Measuring 20 feet high and 50 feet wide, the thundering fall of water rushes past 12 glass panels inscribed with Dr. King’s words and poems and images from the Civil Rights Movement.

 The waterfall is located in Yerba Buena Gardens between 4th, 3rd, Howard & Mission Streets in San Francisco.

 Knowing more about History is powerful.  Knowing more about Math, Science, English and History is even more powerful.

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