Brain-based learning at Miracle Math

What IS Brain-Based Learning?

The human brain is the most interesting and complex organ in the human body (and it happens to be our favorite!) From controlling your motor skills to learning a new concept, to those fluttery feelings of love you get when you see a taco truck, your brain is managing it all. It’s a big task! That’s why the brain is so special. So what if we told you that you can understand how your brain is uniquely wired to make learning a certain skill – any skill! – easier? 

Let’s explore Brain-Based Learning! 

Miracle Math’s Brain-Based Learning curriculum is based in neuroscience. The teacher or “coach” works with the student to understand their learning style and personality and builds a creative curriculum to maximize their potential.

We understand how difficult it is to see your child or loved one struggle, especially when we know each student learns and understands in his or her own way. At Miracle Math, we have structured our Brain-Based Learning curriculum to focus on empowering the student with learning skills that will benefit them throughout their entire education. This system consists of three educational elements. 

#1: Brain-Based Learning

Brain-based learning at Miracle Math

We use cognitive neuroscience to find the best approach to learning for the student. Our environment is built on learning that actually changes the brain, thus enabling students to learn efficiently and effectively. We want to improve the brain and help you understand how you learn. 

#2: Tailored Curriculum

Brain-based learning at Miracle Math

Just like people, no two brains are alike. Our team focuses on a unique approach to you or your child’s needs. We conduct a full evaluation and assessment so we can gauge their understanding and personalize our program to fit how you or your student gains and acquires information. 

#3: Strategic Student-Coach Relationship

Brain-based learning at Miracle Math

At Miracle Math, we use a trade secret approach to accurately match up the students to the coaches. This allows the students to enjoy and grow on an academic as well as a personal level. All of our coaches are professional educators with extensive training, who you can respect and trust.

From children to teens to adults, your brain is never done learning. And that’s why we love it! Curious how your student’s brain works? Check out the free assessment to learn more or call us at (707) 398-3474.