finish the school year strong

Tips to Finish the School Year Strong

The weather is starting to warm up – which means that summer is well on its way. Despite the outdoor warmth, many students start to grow “cold” towards their academics.

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They become antsy and are impatiently looking forward to their summer break from school. It is not at all uncommon for students to lose their focus, their motivation, and their desire to learn and complete their lessons.

Many educators and parents refer to this as “summer fever”; however, there is a cure for this.

In this guide, you will learn several tips that will help your student finish out the school year in a successful manner.

Tip #1: Ensure Optimal Organization

As the school year draws to a close, many students sway away from using their academic planners, folders, and other organizational products.

To boost their success in school, you should place a renewed interest in organization.

This will help to prevent forgetting about assignments, losing assignments, and overlooking their academic responsibilities.

Tip #2: Have a High Level of Accountability

It is common for students to overlook their school-related responsibilities towards the end of the school year. Procrastination is the one issue that will result in less-than-favorable results in assignments and end-of-the-year testing.

Hold your child to a high level of accountability regarding procrastination.

Make certain that they complete all homework assignments, continue to study hard, and are doing well in their daily assignments in school.

Tip #3: Boost Motivation

If you observe your child performing well, staying organized, studying, and doing all that they are responsible for, reward them. This will help to naturally boost their motivation levels.

In the same respect, if you see them slacking off, you should make certain that there are penalties in place for less-than-favorable performances that are within their abilities. This, too, will help ensure consistent motivation for the remainder of the school year.

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Tip #4: Set Goals

To keep motivation high and to end the school year out strong, it is imperative that you work with your child in order to set goals.

The goals should include both personal goals and academic goals.

Examples could be to achieve a certain score on state mandated tests, to obtain a 4.0 GPA, or to obtain a comprehensive understanding of a certain skill or subject presented in the classroom.

If goals are achieved, have a reward system in place.

Tip #5: Stay on Schedule

As summer draws closer and days get longer, it is common for kids to get a bit off of their normal schedule. Many start going to bed a bit later, eating a little less, and getting up a little later.

In order to end the school year with a bang, it is imperative that you stay on schedule, ensure that your child eats healthy, and that they are getting plenty of sleep.

These measures will help them to stay alert, on task, and achieve success during their school day.

Tip #6: Have Fun

By now, it has been a long school year. Yes, you have to make sure that your child stays on task; however, it is acceptable to allow them to have a little fun.

This will allow your child to experience some mental refreshment.

When studying and doing homework assignments, be sure to encourage your child to take frequent breaks. We all need to relax and unwind.

calendar to countdown the end of the school year.

Tip #7: Start a Countdown

You should encourage your child to place a focus on the “finish line”; which is the end of the school year.

Start an exciting countdown with your child.

Mark off goals as they get finished and mark off the days as they pass. Schedule something exciting for the end of the school year. This will motivate your child to work towards that activity or event.

We Can Help

If you have noticed that your child is already entering a slump as a result of it being the end of the school year, we can help! In addition to all of the tips outlined in this guide, you can partner with us to help your child finish out their school year strong.

Our specially-trained educational coaches will develop a partnership with both you and your child in order to help them stay on top of their academics.

Furthermore, we can work closely with you and your child throughout the summer to ensure that they are properly prepared for the upcoming school year.

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