Benefits of Summer Enrichment Programs

Academic-based summer enrichment programs are designed to provide students of all ages, all backgrounds, and all academic proficiencies with academic, personal, and social opportunities.

These diverse and specially-designed summer programs typically focus on one or more core subjects as well as critical life skills such as working with a team, leadership skills, the development of core values, and socialization.

In this guide, you will learn the benefits associated with placing your child in a summer enrichment program.

Benefit #1: Preventing “Summer Slide”

One of the most common issues associated with the summer break from schools is that kids are not actively engaging in learning activities each day. As a result, it is common to forget what was learned in the previous school year and to lose the skills that are necessary for learning the information that is necessary for the upcoming academic school year.

“Summer slide” is a common occurrence. By placing your child within a summer enrichment program, you can prevent this from occurring and rest assured that they are properly prepared for the upcoming school year.

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Benefit #2: Keep Routines in Place

During the summer months, it is common for children to get away from their normal routine. Wake up times, meal times, study time, reading time, play time, and bedtimes quickly go off course. When this happens, children are more likely to become unmotivated, experience boredom and their mental and physical health may even suffer.

All of this detrimentally impacts their ability to learn.

By joining a summer enrichment program, routines can be kept in place and all of this can be avoided.


Benefit #3: Personal Mentoring by a Professional

Regardless of what type of summer enrichment program you place your child in, they will be mentored on a personal level by an academic professional.

They will not only learn skills and concepts from the best, but they will also have direct interaction with a positive role model.

When they work directly with an individual that is motivated and passionate about the subject or subjects in which they specialize, students are more likely to become motivated and passionate about those subjects, too.

Benefit #4: Accountability

One of the issues that often occur during the summer months is that students are not held to a higher level of accountability. With work schedules, traveling, and other activities, it can be difficult for parents or guardians to hold kids to a high level of accountability in their studying and learning.

By ensuring that kids are in a summer enrichment program, the academic coaches and professionals that are part of that program will ensure that your child is being held accountable.

They will develop skills that will help them stay on track during the school year.

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Benefit #5: Social Connections

The next benefit of placing a child into a summer enrichment program is that they will meet other people and create new social connections.

It has been established that connecting with others that are different and unique help to improve cognitive skills – such as problem-solving.

It assists in helping your child develop a better understanding of themselves, others, and the world in which we all reside. The world is highly diverse and a summer enrichment program can help your child come to understand and accept this fact. It can help them live a more successful life.

Miracle Math is Here to Help

Here at Miracle Math, we offer academic-based summer enrichment programs that are designed to help your child not only grow academically but excel at life.

Unlike other academic summer programs, our summer enrichment program is based on brain-based learning. The brain never stops learning and retaining information. However, each brain is unique and information is learned and retained differently among all of us.

We customize each child’s experience in our program based on the way that their brain learns and retains.


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