At Miracle Math, our coaches work one-on-one with students to help them understand and enrich their ability to learn, not just memorize lessons. This neuroscience-based approach helps empower students to navigate their studies with confidence and pride. For an insight into our coaching process, read on for a tutoring case study on how Miracle Math helped one young man struggling in math reclaim his confidence. 

A student at their computer during a virtual coaching session. Learn more about our distance learning support with this tutoring case study from Miracle Math.

How Miracle Math Coaching Helped A Student Reclaim His Confidence

The Story

Keith and Tina’s son Jonathan is a junior in high school, transitioning to his senior year and starting at a new school. He first came to Miracle Math because his confidence in his own learning ability was low, which reflected in his report card. Keith and Tina reached out to the team at Miracle Math. 

Each student’s journey with Miracle Math starts with an assessment. This shows the student their strengths, as well as any gaps that Miracle Math can help develop. For this family, a learning assessment helped illustrate their students potential for growth and success! 

The Growth

Miracle Math’s unique, neuroscience-based approach to learning helps students gain a deeper understanding of how their brain works and how they can think critically through challenges. Over the last year, this approach has helped Jonathan develop the confidence of knowing that he can learn and apply that knowledge! He has even come to a place where he enjoys math, rather than dreading it. 

By investing in his education, this student has also developed his confidence. In a recent Facebook Live interview, his parents attested to the fact that his coach had served as a positive voice, someone whose words really resonated with him.

“There’s a benefit to walking out both academically prepared and as a better human being.”

The confidence Miracle Math’s coaching gave Jonathan has been a huge benefit! He has had not just a tutor in his coach but a mentor. Coaching gave him an opportunity to express himself and created a friendship. Jonathan’s coach was also able to provide crucial distance learning support to help smooth the transition to online learning. 

What’s Next?

During Covid, one of Jonathan’s family’s biggest fears was that he’d lose tutoring. Miracle Math’s seamless transition to online coaching provided invaluable distance learning support and a sense of normalcy during a time of change. While many things are changing rapidly and beyond our control, Jonathan still has his coach.
Miracle Math has worked hard to develop a thorough hiring and vetting process to ensure all of our coaches are passionate about what they do! Our motto of “brain-based, heart-led” informs everything we do. To join the family and connect your child with a coach that will help them grow, learn more about the Miracle Math coaching experience